Envy & Jealousy: Here’s What’s Really Going On

Envy & jealousy go together like PB&J. And they usually invite their best friend, shame, along for the ride. If you’re a living/breathing human, chances are you’ve experienced them. Envy & jealousy feel heavy because they are. Lower vibrating emotions are sourced from our three lower energy centers or chakras — root, sacral, and solarContinue reading “Envy & Jealousy: Here’s What’s Really Going On”

10 Effective Books for Self-Healing

I love a book list. If you’re here, I assume you do, too. Let’s dig right in and talk about some awesome self-empowerment books. Consider yourself blessed if you’ve already read or are familiar with these gems. They’ve been the most effective for understanding and truly changing my habits, beliefs, and thoughts. My mental health,Continue reading “10 Effective Books for Self-Healing”

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