Procrastinating? Here’s the Spiritual Reason Behind Your Resistance

To do lists.
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Procrastination is the new scapegoat.

It’s become a dirty word and something we discuss in hushed voices.

If you’re procrastinating, you’re a lazy loser, right?


Procrastination is spiritual guidance and protection.

Let’s talk about what’s really going on when procrastination creeps in.

Procrastination is spiritual protection.

We’ve been brought up in a culture that celebrates action and “hard work.”

For many of us, the concept of being a productive human is drilled into our heads early on. Most of us can’t see or feel our worth unless we’re producing or creating something concrete.

Many of us feel the ground shift under our feet when we have “nothing to show for our time.”

Here’s the deal.

Everything in this universe is energy, light, vibration, and frequency. That’s it.

Action pales in comparison to being in alignment. Yes, you need to take action β€” but that action must be supported by energetic alignment and resonance.

When you don’t feel like doing something, that’s a big message that the energy is not yet lined up properly for the action to have an impact.

Not everything is about you. (Take a moment with this one).

When you ask for something or require a need to be met, the entire universe rearranges itself to help you. This takes some linear time because we live in a physical reality with physical laws.

When you try and force the energy or prematurely take an action, you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot. You’re making it worse by ignoring your body and your gut.

The belief that procrastination is bad is not helping you either. This sets you up for self-judgment, self-criticism, and loads of self-doubt. You cannot create from this place and feel good.

When something tells you to wait or hold off, listen to the advice.

Your soul knows everything and if you take a few moments to quiet your mind and check in with your body, you’ll know exactly when to take action.

Procrastination is your guardian angel. It’s holding you back until the energy is right.

Change your beliefs about procrastination.

Your belief system is the basis for how you feel and where you place your attention.

It also influences your attitude and relationship with everything in your life.

If you believe procrastination is wrong, then you’ll make yourself wrong whenever you procrastinate.

If you believe procrastinating is a huge character flaw of yours, you’ll never develop a healthy relationship with your energy field and be brave enough to listen to it.

Let’s change this.

What if you dared to believe that procrastinating is a form of protection and when you listen to your body, you’ll always be right on time?

What if you dared to believe that procrastinating is part of divine timing?

What if you dared to believe that procrastinating is saving you from more work, more effort, and more frustration?

These beliefs seem foreign because you’ve been listening to the peanut gallery for too long. And the peanut gallery is always running their mouths about something. Tune them out and trust yourself.

Procrastination is divine timing at work.

None of us can live our lives backward.

If we could, we would be able to see everything before it happens and act accordingly.

You have more power than you think to know what to do and when to do it.

This is called your intuition, your gut feeling, or your soul’s guidance.

When procrastination shows up, sit with it and allow it to speak to you.

Ask it questions and wait for the answers.

Instead of judging the feeling, surrender to it.

Your soul is trying to tell you something about divine timing β€” listen to it and be brave enough to sit still for a moment.

Affirmations for Procrastination

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Try these affirmations for a better relationship with procrastination:

I do everything right on time.

My inner wisdom tells me exactly when to take action.

There is divine timing to all my actions.

I follow my inner knowing and act accordingly.

My gut always knows when to act.

Procrastination means the energy is not quite right yet.

I listen to my own rhythms and trust the timing of all actions I take.

The universe always has my back.

I am right on time.

I trust the timing of all manifestations.

I know procrastination is part of divine timing and I surrender to my body’s wisdom.

What did you learn about procrastination?

I’d love to know how this blog helped you!

Drop me a comment and share what you learned about procrastination and how this will help you going forward.

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3 thoughts on “Procrastinating? Here’s the Spiritual Reason Behind Your Resistance

  1. This article came in….well, Divine timing. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the affirmations at the end. speaking them aloud really helped ground and center me. Your writing is beautiful and inspiring. Keep it coming. Thank you.

  2. I understand and feel the alignment with cosmic time, even there are some intentional obstacles that steal many resources like: energy, time, creativity, productivity, fertility, income, rents, savings; not to due merit compensation, but due the envy of the blocker. Those delays provoke damages, that lately , the blocker will be hit by the karma, and the fruits to the creator.

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