Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal cover.
Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal Cover

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal combines lessons on neuroscience, spirituality, energy work, consciousness, quantum physics, and the Laws of the universe so you can learn to change your habits, understand your personal power in creating circumstances, and practice the beautiful science of manifestation.

If you’ve ever felt far from your dreams, you’re not alone.

Watching others succeed while you seem to be stuck on the sidelines is painful, agonizing, and downright annoying (let’s be honest!).

Feeling like you have no control over how your life is unfolding is terrifying.

And wondering when the pain will end or what will swoop in to save you starts to take its toll.

I understand these problems more than you know.

In the past, I was frustrated by lackluster manifesting results and dead-end tools that took me nowhere.

I felt out of control inside my head and like I had no techniques to truly change my circumstances.

I was stuck, lost, and so alone that it made daily life unbearable.

And I carried a ton of shame about being on the outside, looking in.

That’s when I decided something needed to change.

I knew I was capable of creating the life I wanted, but I needed help. I craved to understand what was happening in my body and mind that kept causing the same outcomes and feelings.

After years of study, I’ve done the hard work and put together the most important lessons and teachings together in one place.

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal cover.

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal combines my years of study with hands-on tools and techniques to help you change and improve your daily experience, rewire your brain, learn how to change your thoughts and manifest the life you know you deserve.

You’ll learn to think in new ways, focus on new parts of life, and train your brain for greater prosperity. (Sounds pretty good to me!).

This journal takes complex topics and makes them accessible and understandable.

You’ll discover why change feels so hard from the brain’s perspective, what’s going on scientifically when you think thoughts, and how you can start to make real physical changes in your brain to live a fuller (and more peaceful) life.

Here’s what’s included when you purchase Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal:

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  • A detailed 50+page guide with teachings about energy, the brain, consciousness, the ego & the soul, the power of I AM, the Law of Attraction, numerology and patterns in the Universe, BE-ing what you want to attract, the power of thoughts and emotions, and SO MUCH MORE! (the guide includes never-before-heard lessons from my personal teacher – BONUS!) — this guide is filled with knowledge from brain experts, metaphysical teachers, and manifesting masters
  • A list of abundance affirmations
  • A book list so you can continue your studies
  • Journal pages for 60 days of morning and evening reflections so you can keep track of your progress and growth (that’s 180+ pages for journaling!) + 4 check-in pages every 15 days to write about your progress
  • Journal pages include specific prompts, questions, and mental rehearsal techniques to help train your brain and mind to focus on what you want (versus being stuck in the past)
  • A step-by-step guide to clear your energy field
  • Resources throughout you can explore at your leisure
  • Ongoing updates to the journal at no extra cost!

Lifetime access is only $37!

There’s a spiritual reason behind this price. In numerology, 3+7=10, which reduces to a 1. 1 represents new beginnings, courage, and strength. It is a reminder to follow your heart and know that possibilities are coming to you. Feels pretty good, right?

The lessons in this journal will serve you for years. Why?

Because once you’re exposed to a new way of living and thinking, it’s hard to go back — especially when you’re feeling so good!

These ideas and techniques will become automatic the longer you include them in your routine.

After you read the guide, you’ll get to put your new knowledge to use.

The 60 days of journal pages will help you practice new thoughts, habits, and feelings by prompting you to pay attention to new things. Your brain and body will get a new kind of workout, which will result in new neurology in your brain and chemistry in your body.

You can re-print the journal pages as often as you want to keep practicing your desired beliefs, thoughts, and vibrations.

Your daily life won’t be the same because you’ll be experiencing it from a new perspective — and you’ll be having more pleasure along the way.

This journal is helpful for beginners and experts — learn from scratch or brush up on your knowledge! Mindset work is a daily practice and this journal will help you create a practice that creates real changes in your life.


Pretty rad, right?!

To get started on your transformation, grab your copy and start your journey!

The fine print: This is a downloadable PDF, available for purchase on Gumroad. You can print the journal pages OR use your own journal to write your reflections. Length: 251 pages. All sales are final 🙂 Thank you!

p.s. LOVE the journal? Leaving a rating on Gumroad and sharing the link to purchase help more people find this work! Plus, I love hearing from my readers!

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal cover.

What people are saying about Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal

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Don’t take it from me — just listen to the word on the streets:

This journal is KICKASS good. Loving the mindset gems and I already feel different in my copywriter/business leader identity.


Elizabeth’s journal has become a useful and helpful (and necessary) tool in my daily routine. It has helped me immensely in finding my gratitude and shifting my awareness to more positive, productive thoughts. I just love it and plan on using it forever!


I’ve got to say I’m impressed! Not only with the content of the journal – which is packed to the brim with teachings and information – but also the sheer volume of research and study that’s gone into putting it together.

Wendy Ann

This journal made manifesting easy for me to understand and apply to my life. I love the reflection pages because they keep me accountable and focused. I already feel and see a difference in my life and others have noticed it, too! Understanding the science behind the techniques was a game-changer for me. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal different from other manifesting tools out there?

Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal takes complex science and makes it understandable and hands-on. I’ve included lessons from my own spiritual teacher — you’ve never heard or read anything like this before!

This journal is non-threatening, meaning you’ll have fun learning the lessons and gaining new perspectives. The prompts and journal exercises are designed to help you peel back the layers of who you think you are so you can understand why your life feels the way it does.

The reflection pages are unique because they were created from my personal experience to help you think in new ways and focus on new parts of life.

What is the price of Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal?

Lifetime access to the journal is only $37!

There’s a spiritual reason behind this price. In numerology, 3+7=10, which reduces to a 1. 1 represents new beginnings, courage, and strength. It is a reminder to follow your heart and know that possibilities are coming to you. Feels pretty good, right?

How do I purchase the journal?

You can grab your copy on Gumroad by clicking here. Payment methods available: credit cards and PayPal.

How do I access the journal once I’ve purchased it?

You can access the journal from your Gumroad library, on Kindle, or by downloading it!

What if I have questions after I purchase the journal?

Reach out to me here:

How do I use the journal?

You can either print out the daily and nightly journal pages provided OR use your own journal to write your reflections. You’ll need your favorite pen and/or a printer and printer paper, depending on what you decide to use to write your daily and nightly reflection pages.

Do you have other manifesting or mindset products for sale?

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