About Me

Hello! I’m Elizabeth. I’m a writer, creator, and entrepreneur, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Chances are, you’re looking for writing services or you’re a writer looking for support.

Whichever one it is, you’re in the right place! (Lucky you!).

I’m a writer and certified copywriter and I offer health and wellness copywriting services specializing in email marketing, blogs, and copy consulting. (Need copywriting services? Visit here!).

If you would like to see my copywriting examples, you can view them here or visit Hot Off the Press to read my latest featured stories.

I also offer mindset and business support to writers, creators, and freelancers. (More on that right here!). I provide freebies, digital products, resources, and coaching services for those who want to incorporate more energy, spiritual, and mindset work into their creative businesses.

As a certified copywriter, I’ve studied extensively and received ongoing continuing education through my course and community, Write Your Way to Freedom, created and mentored by Sarah Turner.

“Write Your Way to Freedom is a prestigious comprehensive copywriting program. In order to become certified, students must complete the extensive program, take advantage of the support available to them, and build businesses that get their clients results. Certified students have learned effective copywriting techniques and use these techniques in an ethical way. Plus, they have access to continued education and support throughout their copywriting career.”

Write Your Way to Freedom Certification Badge.
Write Your Way to Freedom Certification

As a health and wellness copywriter, I’ve written for massage therapists, vocal coaches, body movement specialists, functional medicine doctors, elderly care specialists and facilities, spiritual practitioners, wellness coaches, and self-improvement speakers.

I’ve also written copy for theatre companies, film production houses, directors, producers, marketers, and the fashion industry. (See more about my experience by visiting here).

My work has been featured in Elephant Journal, Medium, The Edge Magazine, Retreat Kula, The Mindful Word, Harness Magazine, Thought Catalog, and Revoloon. (See my featured work by visiting Hot Off the Press here!).

I recently launched a manifestation journal and several mindset products for writers, creators, and freelancers. You can check out the journal here and the products here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your FAQ’s answered!

What does a health and wellness copywriter do?

A copywriter writes words encouraging readers and customers to take action, whether it’s to buy something, sign up for a newsletter or lead magnet, or entice people to learn more.

Copywriters research pain points and what problems need to be solved within a specific group of people. Then, they craft copy that connects with that audience and encourages them to do something.

Copywriters also include SEO (search engine optimization) in their work so everything can be found online through organic searches.

How is copywriting different from content writing?

Copywriting is emotionally driven and entices people to take action.

Content writing is informative and teaches people about a particular subject.

You can include copywriting into content writing by adding copy that entices people to take action.

Do you have copywriting examples I can look at?

I sure do! You can view them here or visit Hot Off the Press for more examples of my work.

Do you offer retainer services?

I do! Every client is unique and I can create a schedule for your copywriting needs that is just right for you!

How do I book a FREE discovery call with you?

I’m so glad you asked! You can fill out the form for your FREE 20-minute right HERE and I’ll be in touch soon!