Writers: Try These 50 Visualizations to Attract Greater Abundance to Your Business

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As writers and creators, our mindset is our biggest asset.

How you think about yourself and your business matters.

It’s the basis for every action you take and every decision you make! (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme, but there it is!).

Your brain and body are powerful attractors because they are channels for running energy. You have way more control than you think when it comes to setting the stage for all you want to experience as a writer and creator.

But you need a roadmap!

Visualizing and mental rehearsal tell your brain what to focus on and help keep your thinking clear and specific.

Most of us fall back on learned neurological programs throughout the day so our brains can preserve energy. Having specific visualizations you can come back to will help raise your vibration and attract more aligned (and satisfying!) experiences to you.

The more you lay the groundwork for what you want to experience, the more you focus your attention on creating that scenario.

These visualizations are specifically designed to help writers, copywriters, and authors.

I’ve broken this down into categories so you have lots to choose from depending on what you write and the business you’re building.

Let’s dive in!

Try these 50 Visualizations to Attract More Abundance to Your Writing Business

Image courtesy of Mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

If you’re publishing a book, e-book, or digital product:

  • Visualize a buyer finding your book online or in a store and purchasing it
  • Visualize your customers reading and enjoying your book or product
  • Visualize a buyer telling their friend about your book or product and the influence spreading
  • Visualize your editor or agent congratulating you on making The New York Times bestseller list
  • Visualize yourself at a book signing with all your adoring fans
  • Visualize your book or product being featured on a prominent website
  • Visualize your bank account receiving money from the words you wrote
  • Visualize all the emails you’re receiving telling you, “You got a sale!”
  • Visualize your book or product showing up on Google searches
  • Visualize your words being read by millions of people

If you’re a new writer:

  • Visualize yourself publishing your first piece (and it going viral!)
  • Visualize yourself getting paid to write your first piece of content
  • Visualize yourself receiving help from more experienced writers
  • Visualize yourself receiving praise for your work
  • Repeatedly tell yourself throughout the day, “I am a writer!”

If you’re a copywriter:

  • Visualize your work being indexed and ranked on Google
  • Visualize your work being found when people do a search
  • Visualize the work you do for your clients skyrocketing to the top results on Google
  • Visualize website clicks from your blog posts and SEO
  • Visualize Google’s search engines favoring your work and placing it higher in search results
  • Visualize clients finding you easily
  • Visualize yourself sending a huge invoice to a new client
  • Visualize people referring clients to you
  • Visualize someone saying, “Oh! I saw your article when I did a Google search!”
  • Visualize being a top expert in your niche

If you’re an author:

  • Visualize your book on display at a bookstore
  • Visualize a line out the door at your book-signing
  • Visualize being interviewed on the radio, TV, or podcast about your book
  • Visualize your book being made into a movie or TV show
  • Visualize receiving awards and praise for your book

If you’re a screenwriter:

  • Visualize selling your script to a big studio
  • Visualize being on set and hearing your words being spoken by actors
  • Visualize shaking an executive’s hand while they tell you, “Congratulations!”
  • Visualize actors studying their script containing your words
  • Visualize winning awards for your script
  • Visualize being asked to write another screenplay by people you admire and want to work with
  • Visualize a table reading with actors bringing your words to life
  • Visualize your agent telling you, “It’s green light!”
  • Visualize walking into the premiere of your movie on opening night
  • Visualize yourself holding your script in your hands and saying, “I did it!”

If you’re struggling as a writer:

  • Visualize yourself receiving work “out of the blue”
  • Visualize all the invisible help surrounding you
  • Visualize yourself coming out of this current rut and accomplishing something creative you’re proud of
  • Visualize yourself receiving a client referral
  • Visualize yourself speaking on a panel or podcast resulting in new work
  • Visualize yourself receiving help easily
  • Visualize receiving a million-dollar idea and creating it
  • Visualize yourself being paid for a piece of writing
  • Visualize receiving emails asking for your help as a writer
  • Visualize an article or blog you write going viral

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Are You Taking This Important Step Before Meditating and Manifesting?

Man looking curiously through a magnifying lens.
Image courtesy of Tumisu on Pixabay

Meditating and manifesting will change your life, but there’s a catch.

Your mind and consciousness are potent attractors. So potent, they’ve created everything in your current reality.

Whether you are conscious or unconscious of your thinking, it’s sending out an electromagnetic signal that gets mirrored back to you.

You attract what you are — meaning, your state of being.

Your state of being is created by what you’re thinking about, talking about, and giving your attention to.

When you take time to meditate or manifest, you’re sending out an intention to connect and create. You’re focusing your energy in a specific way.

My question to you is, are you priming your mind beforehand?

What does it mean to prime your mind?

It means consciously reminding yourself that you:
🧠 Believe in the power of your mind and consciousness
💭 Believe in the power of your thoughts and emotions
🔌 Believe in the power of your personal electromagnetic field
🔮 Believe in the power of the Universe to hear your request and create what you desire

Establishing your trust in the process is half the work.

If you focus on attracting money but don’t really believe you have the power to do it, you’ll prove yourself right.

If you focus on how much you believe in the power of your mind, heart, and body, you’ll prove yourself right.

Everything acts as a placebo effect.

To demonstrate this principle, let’s look at a group of maids at a hotel who experienced the benefits of priming their minds before starting their duties.

A group of maids at a hotel participated in a study on the physical benefits of their job — cleaning rooms gave them tons of physical exercise.

Before the study, the maids performed exactly the same job without much awareness of its benefits. They cleaned, scrubbed, lifted, and vacuumed while their minds were focused somewhere else.

After entering the study, the maids were told how much exercise they were getting — which was a lot! This new knowledge of the benefits changed their consciousness and focused it more specifically.

The maids were told to go through their daily tasks with this new knowledge of how much exercise they were getting. They were told to reinforce the physical work with a mental awareness that it was changing their bodies and making them stronger.

Guess what happened?

The maids who consciously reminded themselves of the physical benefits they were receiving lost weight, added more muscle mass and were generally happier and upbeat.

These maids primed their minds and received even more benefits because of their awareness the process was working in their favor. Wow!

How to prime your mind for better results

Image of a brain in rainbow colors.
Image courtesy of ElisaRiva on Pixabay

Before you meditate or manifest, say these 5 phrases silently to yourself or out loud:

“I believe in the power of my mind and consciousness.”

“I believe in the power of this process.”

“I believe in the power of my electromagnetic field.”

“I believe this practice is making a real difference in my body, mind, and life.”

“I believe in the power of my focus, attention, and personal energy field.”

This establishes trust in yourself and the Universe. It catapults your consciousness to the next level because you’ve set a powerful intention — the intention of change.

Now, your meditations and manifestations become personal, real, and part of you — you’ve claimed them and their power.

You’re telling your brain you want this change, which lowers resistance and creates coherence between your brain and heart.

The more you believe what you’re doing is working, the more it works! The more you establish trust in yourself, the more you get involved in your own healing. The more you know your own power, the more change you create.

Tools To Help You Meditate and Manifest

Image courtesy of Author

Meditation and manifestation are daily practices.

Your brain is the world’s most powerful supercomputer and it needs to be programmed with the best stuff for your life to feel good.

Most of what we learned in childhood doesn’t work for us anymore. What used to keep us safe is most likely holding us back.

This is why you need great tools at your fingertips.

I’ve created a bunch of tools with you in mind:

  • Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal teaches you the science of transformation so you can create better (and more aligned!) circumstances for yourself
  • Guided Meditations for your heart and chakras will help clear energy you don’t like and re-establish your focus
  • Spoken Affirmations recordings help re-train your brain and consciousness to attract more positive circumstances into your life

Use these tools over and over to help you stay on track with your highest potential!

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Try This Manifesting Technique for Fast Results

Cute graphic of a brain manifesting with magnets.
Image courtesy of Mohamed_hasson on Pixabay

Are you frustrated by your lackluster manifesting results?

You and I are manifesting all the time.

What shows up in your world results from your focus, attention, thinking, and state of being.

You get humdrum results when you continue to emit the same humdrum frequency by thinking the same humdrum thoughts.

The question is this: how can you change your frequency and keep it vibing high consistently for better results?

Affirmations and mantras have been used to help you and me focus our attention. For some, affirmations can bring up resistance in the conscious mind, reversing the intended improvement in their vibration.

I’m here to share a new way to use affirmations so your manifesting power catapults and the resistance in your conscious/logical mind quiets down.

After you start using this technique, your life will never be the same.

How to use “ASK formations” for better manifesting results

How many times in the last few days did you ask yourself a negative question?

Here are some examples:

  • Why is this so hard for me?
  • Why does this keep happening to me?
  • Why am I so stupid?
  • Why am I always struggling with money?
  • How am I always behind?
  • Why is everything always falling apart?
  • Why am I so tired?
  • How am I supposed to keep going?

Notice anything? All these questions are designed to steer you into a deeper and deeper hole.

Your frontal lobe loves questions and it loves answering them for you. When you ask a question (any question), your frontal lobe scans every part of your brain to come up with an answer for you. It goes through past experiences, memories, stuff you’ve read, stuff you’ve heard, stuff you’ve been taught, and your general conditioning to give you a response so you can move forward.

Just like negative affirmations (“I’m so stupid,” or “I’ll never figure this out!”), negative questions lower your vibration and steer your frontal lobe into a dark place.

The Law of Attraction is always operating. The more you focus on negativity, the more of it you’ll create. The cycle only stops when you come out of the trance and re-focus on feeling good.

Enter “ASK formations.”

ASK formations are a new way to use affirmations to attract what you desire.

Here’s how it works.

Instead of using a traditional affirmation, you’re going to ask a positive question based on what you want.

Here are a few examples:

  • Why are strangers always giving me money?
  • How am I booking so many clients?
  • How do I have so much energy?
  • Why is everyone always complimenting me?
  • How do I have multiple sales per hour?
  • Why am I always in the right place at the right time?
  • How is everything always working out for me?
  • Why am I so lucky all the time?

Doesn’t that feel so good?!

This technique puts you in a hyper-positive state immediately, which changes your internal chemistry and sends a new signal to the quantum field. The quantum field acts like a big mirror, reflecting what you believe about yourself back to you.

I’ve only been using this technique for a few days and I’ve already manifested new sales of my products, new client referrals, communication from my readers complimenting my work, new email list sign-ups, and a new feeling of expansion I’ve never experienced before.

ASK formations are affirmations on steroids.

Why ASK formations work quickly for manifesting

Image courtesy of Gantas Vaiciulenas on Pexels

Your conscious mind is whip-smart.

When you say an affirmation such as, “I am rich,” your conscious mind may object, creating resistance. This is because it knows you’re not rich and it wants to keep you safe. The conscious mind likes cold, hard facts.

This is why affirmations must have a body-connection component when you repeat them. If your body is not on board with this belief, it will never make it past the brain stem.

To use affirmations effectively, your body must be involved in the new chemical signature you’re trying to create.

Affirmations are a tool to rewire and retrain your brain and they can bring amazing results. That being said, affirmations can also create more resistance if you emotionally doubt what you are repeating.

We can build on the concept of affirmations by changing them from statements to questions, reducing your frontal lobe’s resistance to the new belief.

ASK formations are fun because they open you up to endless possibilities while reducing your brain’s response to the current reality.

When you ask yourself a question like, “Why are people always giving me money?” your frontal lobe now has a focus that feels good.

You may hear responses like:

“Because you’re amazing.”

“Because you help people.”

“Because you deserve it.”

“Because people love your energy.”

“Because you bring so much to people’s lives.”

Your frontal lobe responds with positive answers to a sincere question, rather than throwing a tantrum trying to bring you back down to reality and the current circumstances.

Asking questions like this raises your vibration because guess what? You start to feel so good ruminating in all that possibility.

The better you feel, the higher frequency you emit. The more you emit that higher frequency, the more the quantum field starts to match it. The more the quantum field matches this new, good feeling, the more your perception of your life and reality starts to change.

Use these ASK formations for the next week and comment below with your results!

Repeat these questions for the next week and notice how your reality shifts:

Why are people always giving me money?

How am I always receiving compliments?

Why do I get help everywhere I go?

How are all my bills paid so easily?

Why does my life get better and better?

How does everything work out for me?

Why am I always at the right place at the right time?

Why do so many people want to hire me/work with me?

How do I always find what I’m looking for?

I’d love for you to share your results/experience in the comments!

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