Writers, Creators, and Freelancers: Here’s the Support You’re Craving

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Are you a writer, copywriter, creator, freelancer, or small business owner?

Hey there! Nice to meet you!

My name is Elizabeth and I’m here to support you.

As a creator, you have a lot on your plate. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of deadlines and schedules, sacrificing your self-care and sense of groundedness.

That’s where I come in.

I offer energetic, spiritual, and mindset support for writers, copywriters, creators, freelancers, small business owners, and entre/solopreneurs so you can thrive, shine, and create (and run) the business you want!

The best part? My services are fun, affordable, and science-backed.

Why I love supporting writers, creators, and freelancers

As a writer, creator, and freelancer myself, I know the ups and downs of running a creatively-based business.

Your biggest asset is not your clients, cash flow, or lead generation: it’s how you see yourself and what you believe about yourself.

Where you place your attention determines what gets activated in your life. What you truly believe about yourself is the basis for your decisions, likes/dislikes, habits, judgments, limitations, and what is created in your experience.

Most of us think we have a good self-image, but if your life and business are not looking or feeling good, we should talk.

To help you grow and thrive, I offer helpful resources, fun freebies, awesome digital products, and hands-on ways to work with me for deeper support.

All my products and services are designed specifically for you as a writer, creator, freelancer, and small business owner.

My support is tailor-made for creators and freelancers because I’m one of you and I have your back.

My products and services won’t break the bank or have you in a buyer’s remorse tailspin. Everything is priced to be accessible and affordable so you can enjoy value and peace of mind.

Why energetic, spiritual, and mindset work is crucial for your business or brand

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Everything is energy.

New clients, new business, new opportunities, and growth are all forms of energy.

What you believe about yourself (which is connected to what you believe about your business) comes true for you.

There’s lots of practical business advice out there. What’s missing is specific energetic, spiritual, and mindset support for creative business owners.

As a spiritual practitioner (sounds super fancy, right?), I’m here to fill this gap and offer you the support you need to feel better, claim your dreams, and become the creator and business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

Print out one of my freebies and hang it up by your work area for inspiration.

Purchase one of my guided meditations or spoken affirmations recordings to give you a mindset boost during the day.

Schedule a session with me to delve into a specific block or problem so you can clear it and move forward.

You can check out all the freebies, digital products, and support services here.

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5 Helpful Tips for Creating Your First Digital Product

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Ready to create your first digital product?

Awesome — I’m here to help you!

I decided to delve into digital products to create new income streams and receive cash in my sleep. So far, I’m having a lot of fun and I’ve come up with ideas for a bunch more products. Score!

Your untapped knowledge is your new cash cow. I bet you have skills you can teach someone else, even if you’re not an expert.

A teacher is a few steps ahead of the student, meaning they’ve walked the walk and have a way to spread their knowledge.

Digital products showcase your knowledge and skills and are an easy way to market yourself. These products can bring you income for the rest of your life, while also building your audience, brand, and reach.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1 — Set a deadline for yourself

First things first!

Set a deadline for yourself. Yes, I know it’s simple but the payoff will be huge.

If you don’t set a deadline, guess what? You’ll never create your product.

Even if you have to move your deadline, mark it in your calendar (and your brain).

Keeping a promise to yourself will light a fire under your butt. Once I decided I was going to complete my first product no matter what, I worked on it every day until it was done. The total time to complete it was about three weeks!

Your brain likes and needs limits and you’ll work more efficiently if you set a deadline and stick to it. Plus, you’ll have a date to use for your marketing and networking.

Make this your first priority and watch how quickly you finish!

Tip #2 — Work on your digital product for at least 30 minutes a day

There’s a lot to do when you launch a product — here’s a quick list:

  • get it made/created
  • choose a selling platform & set up payment info
  • create a selling page with your product details, price, and delivery method
  • create your marketing plan/schedule
  • write up your marketing copy and decide your sharing platforms
  • create email blasts for the launch
  • do edits/changes/additions
  • price your product
  • share your product with the world
  • and so much more!

Setting aside at least 30 minutes to create your product will help you stay on track for your deadline and leave overwhelm at the door. Because there is so much to do (depending on what your product is!), you’ll want to break it down into chunks.

When you work for 30 minutes a day, that’s 3.5 hours a week! You can get a lot done in 3.5 hours! (This is the power of compounding right before your eyes!).

And bonus! You can always keep going if you get in a flow. But knowing you’ll invest 30 minutes a day in a future income stream will help you get it up and running quickly.

Tip #3 — Price your digital product with fees in mind

My first product is a manifesting journal selling for $27 (details below if you want a copy!).

But I don’t make $27 on each purchase — I make around $22-$23 depending on fees.

Now, don’t get upset by fees because you can take all those as business expenses on your taxes, which helps.

But knowing how much you’ll actually take away will inform how to price your product. It also depends on the selling platform you use and what forms of payment you set up. (PayPal costs me more than credit card purchases, but I get the PayPal money immediately).

Price your digital product with fees in mind!

Tip #4 — Cross-promote yourself

Having a digital product means you can do some self-cross-promotion – cool!

Add your website, socials, portfolio, or a free gift to your product. Add any affiliate links so people who purchase years down the line can help your other income streams thrive.

Then, add your product link to your website, socials, and your portfolio. Add it to your email signature, to the end of your blogs, and to all your outgoing email blasts going forward.

This builds momentum because as your audience grows, you have everything set up to pique their interests and get them interested in buying from you.

Tip #5 — Overdeliver

Your reputation is everything.

You have the opportunity to wow anyone who buys your digital product by overdelivering.

What does that mean? It means adding the most value for the price.

For example, my journal is something people physically use for 60 days because of the reflection pages (and for longer if they wish!). The concepts and lessons in the journal will help them for the rest of their lives. Then, there’s the content itself, which is 50 pages of information, resources, tips, teachings, and techniques plus all the journal pages and check-in pages.

People get all that for $27. The value of the information in the journal is priceless because after buyers learn it, it will inform them forever.

Check in with yourself about the value your product offers and how much people would be willing to pay for it (taking those fees into consideration!).

Here’s another point to keep in mind: the more you overdeliver and offer value, the more likely the buyer will remember you and want to buy from you again.

You’ll have a built-in audience for your second (and third and fourth) product because your first one offered value, solved problems, and made the buyer’s life easier.

Now it’s your turn!

If you’ve been dreaming of creating your first digital product, START TODAY!

Make a list of everything you know how to do and could teach to someone else.

Reduce that list to five products/ideas and start with those.

Choose one you feel really drawn to or excited about and set a deadline to complete it.

Make a list of every action you must take to get your product created and launched.

Going forward, work on your product for at least 30 minutes a day and notice how much you get done in the first week!

What did you learn? I’d love to know in the comments!

My 60-Day Manifestation Journal is NOW ON SALE! Yay!

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If You’ve Ever Felt Far From Your Dreams, You’re Not Alone

Image courtesy of Anna on Unsplash

If you’ve ever felt far from your dreams, you’re not alone.

Watching others succeed while you seem to be stuck on the sidelines is painful, frustrating, and downright annoying (let’s be honest!).

I’ve been there more times than I can count and I decided enough was enough. Something had to change.

For the past few years, I’ve been learning what is truly required for our lives to change and it’s not outside of us.

If you want to experience something different, YOU have to be different. YOU have to decide who you are and what you want.

Change doesn’t have to be scary — it can be fun, light, and enjoyable.

And once I learned WHY change feels so hard, I became free to make new choices and leave any doubt at the door.

My NEW 60-Day Manifestation Journal is designed to teach you the science of transformation and help you create more aligned (and satisfying) circumstances for yourself.

You’ll learn to think in new ways, focus on new parts of life, and train your brain for greater prosperity. (Sounds pretty good to me!).

Here’s what’s included:

  • A detailed 50-page guide with teachings about energy, the brain, consciousness, the ego & the soul, the power of I AM, the Law of Attraction, numerology and patterns in the universe, BE-ing what you want to attract, the power of thoughts and emotions, and SO MUCH MORE! (the guide includes the never-before-heard lessons from my personal teacher – BONUS!) — this guide is filled with knowledge from brain experts, metaphysical teachers, and manifesting masters
  • A list of abundance affirmations
  • A book list so you can continue your studies
  • Journal pages for 60 days of morning and evening reflections so you can keep track of your progress and growth (that’s 120 pages for journaling!) + 4 check-in pages every 15 days to write about your progress
  • Journal pages include specific prompts, questions, and mental rehearsal techniques to help train your brain and mind to focus on what you want (versus being stuck in the past)
  • A step-by-step guide to clear your energy field
  • Resources throughout you can explore at your leisure

Lifetime access is only $27!

There’s a spiritual reason behind this price. In numerology, 2+7=9, and 9 is a sacred number in the Universe. It represents (along with 3 & 6) the formless, energy, consciousness, and light. As an angel number, 9 means the completion of a cycle, inner wisdom, spiritual strength, and empathy. Feels pretty good, right?

The lessons in this journal will serve you for years. Why? Because once you’re exposed to a new way of living and thinking, it’s hard to go back — especially when you’re feeling so good!

These ideas and techniques will become automatic the longer you include them in your routine.

You can re-print the journal pages as many times as you want to keep practicing your desired beliefs, thoughts, and vibration.

Your daily life won’t be the same because you’ll be experiencing it from a new perspective.

Pretty rad, right?!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, the link purchase on Gumroad is below (just click the image!). Grab your copy and start your journey!

The fine print: This is a downloadable PDF. You can print the journal pages OR use your own journal to write your reflections. All sales are FINAL. 

p.s. LOVE the journal? Leaving a rating on Gumroad and sharing the link to purchase help more people find this work! Plus, I love hearing from my readers!

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