10 Visceral Questions for Self-Reflection

Asking questions engages your frontal lobe. When you ask a question, the frontal lobe scans your brain for relevant information to give you answers. Asking powerful and pointed questions is a catalyst for change and aligned actions because it gets your brain focused on something different. For the most part, your brain falls back onContinue reading “10 Visceral Questions for Self-Reflection”

Procrastinating? Here’s the Spiritual Reason Behind Your Resistance

Procrastination is the new scapegoat. It’s become a dirty word and something we discuss in hushed voices. If you’re procrastinating, you’re a lazy loser, right? Wrong. Procrastination is spiritual guidance and protection. Let’s talk about what’s really going on when procrastination creeps in. Procrastination is spiritual protection. We’ve been brought up in a culture thatContinue reading “Procrastinating? Here’s the Spiritual Reason Behind Your Resistance”

Envy & Jealousy: Here’s What’s Really Going On

Envy & jealousy go together like PB&J. And they usually invite their best friend, shame, along for the ride. If you’re a living/breathing human, chances are you’ve experienced them. Envy & jealousy feel heavy because they are. Lower vibrating emotions are sourced from our three lower energy centers or chakras — root, sacral, and solarContinue reading “Envy & Jealousy: Here’s What’s Really Going On”