Writers: Take These 5 Steps Before Writing Any Copy

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Do you have a system in place before you start writing?

Setting a routine may sound like a drag, but it will catapult your progress in the long run.

In this week’s blog, I’m sharing the five steps I take before writing any copy. This puts my brain in safety mode and allows my creativity to flow.

Taking a few minutes to connect before you write will help you create more effective copy. You need to give your brain the cue that it’s time to work — taking these five steps will help.

Step #1 — Energetically connect with your audience and the work

Do you take time to energetically connect with your audience and the subject you’re writing about? No? If not, I suggest you add this step to your process.

You don’t need to know who your audience is personally — simply intending to reach them with your words is enough. Picture people reading your blog or article and feel their deep satisfaction in receiving the information. Thank them for taking the time to read your work, whatever it is.

Next, energetically connect with the subject you’re writing about. Ask it to speak through you and intend your highest creative genius to shine through.

I cannot stress enough how important this is and how much it will help your process. Everything is energy. When you take even two minutes to focus on the energy you want to create, you’ll be helped in ways you can’t possibly imagine.

You’ll receive intuitive hits about what to say and how to say it. The future audience is connecting with you, telling you what they need to learn or hear. Trust this and follow any gut feelings. Do this with anything you write and it will have a huge impact.

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Step #2 — Set an intention for what you want to accomplish

Don’t start typing until you know your goals for this work session.

Have a set list of what you want to accomplish so your brain stays focused. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind if something comes up, but having a clear intention will help you be more efficient with your time.

And here’s a bonus: it feels awesome to cross those tasks off your list. This is a big win for your self-esteem and self-confidence because you just established keeping a promise to yourself. This reinforces self-respect and self-love, which will help you in any part of life.

Keep your goals specific and simple:

  • Write for one hour on the vitamin D blog
  • Edit emails for 30 minutes
  • Admin stuff — 30 minutes

Step #3 — Use a timer

Using a timer has been a game-changer for me.

I do 30-minute increments until I get tired. This way, I know exactly how much time I’ve put into each project and can adjust my rates in the future.

Your brain needs breaks and rest. Doing 30-minute increments is helpful because you know there’s an endpoint. This feeds your energy, allowing you to get more accomplished in a short amount of time.

Step #4 — Review your notes and the client’s notes

Before you write, glance at your notes and your client’s notes for the project. This reconnects you energetically and may also spark inspiration for where to pick up from your last work session.

Doing a notes review gets you in the frame of mind to start work. It tells your brain, “Okay, we’re in work mode now, so give me all you’ve got!”

Step #5 — Open up everything you need on the computer

Get yourself set up technologically so it doesn’t eat into your writing time.

Open and set up:

  • Websites
  • Programs
  • Documents
  • Plug-ins

Have everything at your fingertips so you can get into a flow. It may not seem like it, but having to stop and open up your browser or search for that folder breaks your concentration and confuses your brain. Reduce this as much as possible by getting everything ready beforehand.

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