Writers: Are You Including This Important Step in Your Process?

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The amount of technical writing advice out there is enough to make all our heads spin, fall off, and then spin some more.

Here’s something I never see writers or writing mentors talking about — energetically connecting with your readers before you write an outline, do research, or write one word of copy.

For example, before I started writing this blog, I energetically connected with every single reader. I don’t have to know any of you personally. Simply intending to help you will help me write a better article.

Let’s talk about energy.

Right now, you are connected to every human on the planet through your consciousness.

When you think a thought or set an intention, you point your neurology in a specific direction, which affects your vibration, frequency, and point of attraction.

All minds are joined. This means you can connect to everyone who needs your message — or your client’s message— energetically before you write, research, or outline.

Connecting energetically to your readers will positively affect your writing, researching, and outlining. It’s the most important step you can take as a creator.

Because everyone can connect with consciousness — which is simply a field of information — everyone has the ability to pick up on what their readers need at this moment in time.

So, how do you do it?

I’m going to give you the steps so you can deepen your writing and process.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about energy:

1. Energy has no will of its own — you get to command it where to go.

2. Energy follows intention.

3. Energy cannot stick to you without your permission. You keep energy alive in your field by thinking about it, talking about it, telling stories about it, etc.

4. Energy goes where you tell it and stays where you leave it.

How to energetically connect with your readers

Image courtesy of Pexels on Pixabay

To energetically connect with your readers, use the following steps!

Step #1: Allow at least 5 minutes to connect in a quiet space.

Give yourself at least five minutes to connect with your readers through quiet thought or meditation. You can certainly go for longer if it feels right.

Please find a quiet, private spot to connect.

Step #2: Close your eyes, do 6 breaths, and call your own energy back.

Because we are energetic beings, we must be fully in our own energy before we can receive relevant and resonant guidance.

You must get in your body and out of your head.

Think about connecting down into the earth and sending your energy through your feet.

Feel your own skin, essence, and groundedness.

Taking six breaths in the nose and out the mouth calms the brain circuits and gets us out of high beta brain waves and into lower beta and alpha brain waves, which are slower and more receptive to deep inner wisdom.

It’s important to get out of any stress cycles and into your heart space. You are creating love with your words, so connect to the heart chakra.

Step #3: Intend to open your consciousness to what your readers need, desire, and wants.

After you’re relaxed and have cleared any unwanted energy from your field, it’s time to connect with your audience and readers.

Don’t try to make anything happen. Simply allow.

It’s important to avoid pushing or forcing and here’s why: you are going to receive guidance during and after you do this work. Not everything will reveal itself in this first meditation.

You may get the feeling to run an errand and then get a brilliant idea from a product you notice.

Spiritual guidance is always simple, easy, and gives you one very doable step at a time.

With your eyes still closed, intend to be shown, told, and guided to the perfect way to convey your message to all the people who will eventually read it, be affected by it, and be helped by it. This could be years and years down the line by the way. Because there is only NOW, this linear perception of time is irrelevant.

When you intend to connect to your readers NOW, you’re able to articulate a subject for a person who may come across your work ten years from now. And you’ll be shown exactly how to write it.

Allow time for your consciousness to wander a bit.

Step #4: Ask the right questions.

Next, ask any questions that are lingering about your audience.

You could ask:

  • What is the best way to explain this to you?
  • How can I grab your attention?
  • What feeling would you like to feel?
  • What problem can I solve for you?
  • How can I help make your life better?
  • What do you deeply desire?
  • What story will connect with you?
  • What is the pain I’m helping alleviate?

Make them specific to your project or readers.

Don’t try to ‘answer’ these questions logically, like when you do research.

You’re asking for energetic information, which will be reflected back to you in all forms: including technical guidance for your work.

Open your subconscious and superconscious to receive information and the best way to show it to you.

Step #5: Ask for signs, synchronicities, and inner wisdom.

After you’ve asked your questions, know you’ll be shown what you need through signs, synchronicities, coincidences, luck, and intuitive steps.

Trust your inner wisdom and know the work is done.

Step #6: Write down any immediate thoughts or inspirations, but be open to more down the line.

You may receive some immediate guidance, so write them down while they’re fresh.

We tend to forget ideas in this state of mind because our brain waves are in alpha (meditative state), not beta (conscious, logical mind).

More will come, so do not be disheartened if you don’t get an immediate flash of genius.

You’ve intended and that’s powerful.

Phew! I hope this is helpful!

Remember: don’t try to force anything. This is about ease and grace. It’s about surrender.

Energetically connecting with your readers before any other step in your process will elevate the steps you’ve already established.

This is so important and will impact your writing and business in positive ways.

As creators, we are always channeling energy, so why not use it for this purpose?

What did you learn? I’d love to know in the comments! (Really! This is not just some cliché CTA! I truly want to know!)

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6 thoughts on “Writers: Are You Including This Important Step in Your Process?

  1. Love the thought about energy. I use a different way to maintain my energy, and exercise always seems like _the_ panacea. When connecting with my readers, I tend to choose only one person though. Makes the process that much easier. Thanks for sharing with this wonderful post!

  2. Super post Elizabeth – thanks for sharing your connection process.

    One of my clients and I talk about this weekly and I believe being heart centric and allowing energy to flow where (and when) it needs to go makes the entire writing process so much more fulfilling.

    Mindset and energy work is very important to me and many of my clients are in alignment with this type of practice and energy work as well, which makes them such a blessing to work with!

    I believe it helps me create better copy for my clients and an overall better experience for their clients, too.

    Thanks again – I really love reading your blogs and emails.


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