Writers: You’ve Already Written Your Book

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Writers: what if I told you you’ve already written your book?

Depending on how long you’ve been at this (crazy) game, I’m willing to bet you’ve already done most of the work.

If you’re scratching your head and don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, that’s okay! I’ll explain!

No matter what kind of writer you are: content, copywriting, screenwriter, playwright, technical writer, etc., you’ve likely written a whole lot of content over the years.

That content is ‘hiding’ in plain view in your:

  • blogs
  • articles
  • guest pieces
  • research
  • notes
  • brainstorming sessions
  • content you’ve ditched
  • content you’ve forgotten about
  • journals/notebooks/diaries
  • client work
  • unique life experiences/points of view

You don’t need to start from scratch — you can start in the middle!

In this blog, I’m giving you an easy process to start writing your book.

This is meant to be used in addition to your already set writing routine.

Writing your book doesn’t have to be a mountain you climb — it can be a river you float down with ease and grace.

Let’s get started!

Step #1 — SET a timer for 20 minutes.

Our brain works best when we have limits.

Seriously, don’t skip this step — you can get a lot done in 20 minutes if you stick to a task.

20 minutes is perfect because it’s not too short or too long. It won’t overwhelm or stress you out.

Step #2 — SORT for 20 minutes each day.

Ready, set, SORT!

Use your 20 minutes to sort through all your old work.

You’ll do this until you feel satisfied, even if it takes two weeks!

Create a system for yourself.

Maybe start with all your old blogs and make a list of what can be used or pieced together.

Then, move on to your old brainstorming list or journals.

Do this until you’ve sorted through everything.

You’ll discover so much, so don’t get overwhelmed by this process.

This is supposed to be fun!

Another perk? You’ll realize how much you’ve created which will help your confidence soar!

Here’s what you’re doing when you sort:

  • getting ideas
  • setting the stage for inspiration
  • remembering all your prior work & taking note of how much you’ve grown.
  • brainstorming
  • setting up the energy for your readers (check out my blog on energy work for writers!)
  • going into a low-beta and alpha brain wave state, which is great for creativity, receiving subconscious messages, and trusting your intuition
  • re-connecting to yourself as an artist
  • giving your frontal lobe new stimuli, which will generate new perspectives and ideas

PRO TIP: If the timer goes off and you want to keep going, just set the timer for 20 more minutes!

The point is to keep these sessions short enough so your brain doesn’t want to defect 🙂

Step #3 — After sorting, use the 20 minutes to OUTLINE and BRAINSTORM your book.

After you’ve sorted and organized everything, it’s time to move to the next step: outlines and brainstorming for your book!

Good questions to ask yourself when outlining and brainstorming:

What is my book about?

Who is this book helping/motivating/healing?

Why do I feel connected to this book?

When does this book want to be written?

Who is my audience?

How can I use storytelling?

Who am I talking to?

What energy am I creating with this book?

Again, allow yourself time for this part of writing your book.

Outlines and brainstorming will give you a clear path for when you actually start to write!

Step #4 — Use your 20 minutes to WRITE the damn book!

Drumroll, please!

After sorting, outlining, and brainstorming, you’re now ready to write your book! YAY!

Set your timer for 20 minutes and dive in.

Remember — you can always do another 20 minutes if you want, but please follow this so your mind does not get overwhelmed.

20 minutes doesn’t seem like much, but you can write your entire book little by little if you use this process. We easily waste 20 minutes scrolling through social media each day.

Another reason 20 minutes works well is you can stop and leave anything that feels hard or confusing for the next day. The limit gives you an out so you have time to process what you just wrote.

Commit to the 20 minutes, even if you only write one sentence.

Committing yourself to this time will create a new healthy habit and you’ll feel wonderful about yourself and your ability to get things accomplished.

What did you learn about writing your book?

I hope this is helpful for anyone who dreams of making the Bestseller List!

Writing your book doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming.

Like everything, we create bit by bit and moment by moment.

The key is to be consistent and show up for yourself.

You’ve got this!

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