Do You Suck at Manifesting? This Book Will Help

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Do you suck at manifesting?

Do you try new techniques and “tricks” without much success?

You’re not alone.

Even after years of studying manifestation, I felt defeated by my efforts to improve my life and finally feel free.

I read countless books and watched thousands of hours of videos, only to wind up feeling the same way each time: like I was pushing a boulder up a very, very steep hill.

Little changes would happen, but they didn’t last.

I still felt poor, worthless, and far from the wealth consciousness I knew I could create!

I felt stuck inside a belief system that didn’t want to bend with no tools to change it.

Today, I no longer feel the entrapment of those old beliefs because I know what they are and how to replace them.

They say knowledge is power and this is true to a point — you have to use the knowledge you’ve gained to make changes in your life.

Now that I understand what manifesting is, I no longer feel stressed about creating the life I want.

All is well and all is happening right on time.

Laying the groundwork for manifesting more

Before I share the book with you (you can scroll down and cheat if you want!), I need to share why this book led me to my lightbulb moment.

For about six months before I found the book in question, I read all of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work on the brain, the power of the mind, and neurology.

Reading Dr. Joe helped me understand the chemistry of thoughts and emotions and how our mind affects the body (and vice versa).

This was crucial for me to get the most of out the book I share below because I finally understood what my thoughts were creating in my body and consciousness from a scientific perspective.

Your thoughts are so powerful because they make chemicals. Chemicals are messengers for every system of your body. What you think, you become — literally.

Here are the books I read from Dr. Joe Dispenza, which will help you understand how your thoughts are creating your reality:

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself
  • Becoming Supernatural
  • The Placebo Effect

Here’s the book to take your manifesting to the next level!

Drumroll, please!

If you’re ready to understand who you are and what you’re capable of, I highly recommend buying a copy of a book called Project 369.

Project 369 will teach you the following:

  • the power of numbers and numerology — particularly the numbers 3, 6, and 9
  • to be The Believer rather than focusing on beliefs
  • the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible and what some of these passages are trying to communicate (fascinating!)
  • the power of thoughts, words, and emotions
  • how to tune your frequency and vibration to what you want to attract
  • how to be who you want to be
  • the difference between beliefs and your state of being
  • how everything in the Universe is interconnected
  • the Law of Attraction and the Law of Harmony
  • so much more!

There are three books: the main book, the wealth journal, and the manifestation journal. I recommend buying all three so you get the most out of the experience.

If you decide to purchase the book(s), I get a small commission if you use this provided link! Thank you! 🙂 (Scroll down to see the book bundle deal so you can purchase all three books!)

After a day or two of using the techniques in the book, here’s what I manifested:

  • a new client and new income
  • more tarot reading bookings (Interested in a tarot reading? Get your burning question answered here)
  • a triple refund for a wrong order at a takeout place — money in my account and free food
  • my keyword ranking on my site went up
  • my IRA went up in value overnight
  • acknowledgment from people in my field through engagement, newsletter sign-ups, and more followers
  • participated in a script reading for the first time in years (I was an actress in my 20s and 30s)
  • a feeling of wholeness, completeness, and inner strength
  • help from strangers when I least expect it
  • free gifts and discounts every place I go
  • a great sense of my inner wealth consciousness
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

If you can’t wait to get started, you can purchase the books here! (Scroll down to see the book bundle deal so you can purchase all three books!)

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