The Power of Prayer: 5 Ways To Connect with Divinity

Woman praying.
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The power of prayer is undeniable.

Prayer has a long and complicated history, especially if you grew up in religious circles.

When I was a kid, praying was serious business — it was my chance to connect with God and tell Him my secrets and maybe sneak in a whine or two for the bike I wanted for Christmas.

When most people think of prayer, they imagine a deeply devout figure kneeling before God begging for help.

Simply put, prayer is focused attention on a desired outcome.

Meditation is prayer. Connection is prayer. Grounding and clearing our energy field is prayer.

Prayer has evolved into an awareness of one’s consciousness and power.

In truth, prayer is our beeline to contentment, knowledge, intuition, and happiness.

Using the power of prayer for daily guidance & connection

Figure of a man meditating with hands in a mudra.
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When we talk about the power of prayer, we’re referring to the signal we create with our thoughts and attention.

Every second of the day, we send out energetic signals that cause the quantum field of energy to respond to us.

So, if you send out a negative signal, you’ll attract more people and circumstances to feel negative about.

On the flip side, sending out a positive signal will attract more people and circumstances to feel positive about.

This is the Law of the Universe and it works the same for everyone.

Prayer is thought of as a religious practice, but it’s simply a focus of consciousness. Anyone no matter what they believe can use prayer as a way to receive guidance.

Before we dive into the 5 types of prayer, let’s define the word so we’re all on the same page.

Prayer (noun): a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship. Similar words: intercession, invocation, devotion.

Let’s talk about the 5 types!

1. Worship and Praise

This is when we thank God, Spirit, or Source (whatever word you use) for simply be-ing.

We feel the connection to something bigger than ourselves and trust its presence in our daily affairs. We communicate with the quantum field and it communicates back.

For me, this is meditation. Sitting, breathing, noticing, and allowing.

Connecting with yourself is a connection to God/Spirit/Source because there is no separation.

Taking 5 minutes to connect in the morning will do wonders for your mental health and clarity.

2. Petition and Intersession

This type of prayer involves seeking help for someone else. We ask for divine support in their lives as much as they are willing to allow it.

Praying for others is powerful and effective.

Those who scoff at ‘thoughts and prayers’ do not understand the power behind them because everything and everyone is connected.

Studies have shown that praying for sick people helps them heal faster and decreases their hospital stays.

This is the power of intention in action.

In cities where groups of meditators have gathered and intended peace, crime rates fell, folks had fewer traffic accidents, the police were called out less, and productivity on a citywide scale improved.

Energy is real, and intending it works.

3. Supplication

This is when we plead for help or guidance for ourselves and our lives.

We’ve reached a point of total surrender because we can’t see a way out or through.

Traditionally, this form usually involves some sort of physical kneeling. Think of making a plea.

And speaking of surrender, do you know the true definition? I learned this in a workshop a few years ago.

Surrender is when the ego has exhausted all possibilities and gives into a higher form of thinking. The perspective shifts from the analytical mind, which sees limits, to the quantum mind, which has no limits.

When we surrender, the Universe catches us and reveals information to take the next step.

4. Thanks or Thanksgiving

This is my favorite because we’re talking about gratitude.

Gratitude is the emotion we feel after we’ve received something we like and want.

Gratitude is the end product of a pleasant or relieving experience.

So, when we’re grateful, we attract even more things, people, and experiences to be grateful for. This is because gratitude means it’s already happened.

Try a little experiment for the next 30 days.

As you go through your day, start silently saying, “Thank you,” when something you like happens. The more you align with the energy of gratitude, the more will come into your field.

Every time you say, “Thank you,” feel your connection to the good in your life and watch more good flow in.

Every night, silently name 10 things you’re grateful for. Do this for 30 days and notice how your experience of abundance shifts.

5. Spiritual Warfare

This is when we are having some sort of internal battle and ask for God’s protection and deliverance.

In truth, everyone is God because there is no separation. So when we ask for protection, we are seeking our own comfort because God is everywhere.

We can also connect with our angels and guides, who are simply another aspect of our consciousness.

My go-to angel is Archangel Michael. Whenever I feel scared, upset, stressed, or unsure, I ask him to protect and lead me.

When I repeat, “Archangel Michael is protecting me through this,” it eases my mind and allows me to hear solutions and guidance.

If you haven’t yet, find an affirmation or phrase that helps soothe you in times of internal turmoil. Some of my favorites are listed below:

I am safe.
I AM that I AM.
Things are always working out for me.
God is all around me.
I am protected.
The arms of angels shield me.
This too shall pass.
All is well and all will be well.

Now that you know more about the power of prayer, which type of prayer do you feel most resonant with?

Which archangel brings you peace?

How has the power of prayer intervened in your life?

I’d love to know in the comments!

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