Ask Yourself These 10 Questions Every Morning to Attract Miracles

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Your brain is the gateway to attracting whatever you desire.

Setting up your focus and attraction muscles in the morning will help you build the neuroplasticity you need to create miracles in your life.

In the morning, you are still in a partial alpha brain wave state, which you settle into when you meditate. This brave wave state allows you to connect more easily to your subconscious awareness and guidance. This is also where you rewire any beliefs and habits you don’t like and replace them with the ones you do!

Let’s talk briefly about thoughts so you understand the power of the 10 questions below:

Essentially, what you think creates chemicals. The chemicals produced are sent to all the cells in your body.

Your cells bathe in whatever chemical they keep receiving. Tonic thoughts create tonic chemicals and conversely, toxic thoughts create toxic chemicals.

What you think and feel creates a state of being, which is also referred to as vibration or frequency.

Because you are energy, you attract what you think about because what you think about creates how you’re feeling. Your feeling is reflected in the quantum field of information, which acts like a big mirror.

If you think, “I can’t afford that,” the quantum field reflects that belief (a belief is a thought you think repeatedly). You’ll attract more things you can’t afford because that’s what you believe about yourself. The quantum field always says, “Yes.”

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Who you are is the state of being you’re currently in, which is created by your thoughts.

Asking questions awakens the frontal lobe, which is the basis for creating new neural connections and eventually, complicated neural networks for what you want versus what you don’t.

The more you create your chosen state of being, the more that feeling is reflected back in reality as energetic alignment with the people, places, and things you desire.

Ask yourself these 10 questions every morning to attract miracles and manifestations!

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Grab your cup of coffee, tea, or water and allow yourself some time for these. Use your imagination with each one so you start to teach your brain the feeling you want.

Feel free to journal and write about your dream vision for each one. This is so powerful for giving your brain pictures and patterns to look for.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real event and one you think about frequently that you want to happen. The neural circuitry will grow just the same. This means your brain has a memory of things you want to have happen, especially if you think about them (with feeling!) often. The more you strengthen that neural network, the more you attract that essence into your field.

Try the following 10 questions every morning for 30 days and notice how you feel and how your reality shifts.

1. What can I create today? (This can be good thoughts, good food, good intentions, a piece of art, a compliment, a new hobby, anything!)

2. How will beauty show up in my life today?

3. How will I show myself respect and care today?

4. How do I choose to feel about money today? (“Money comes easily to me.” “Money is my friend.” “Money loves me.” “Money always shows up when I need it.”).

5. How will I honor my basic needs today?

6. How will I love my body today? (This can be eating nutritious foods, calming your nervous system, taking a walk, resting, or allowing yourself that yummy piece of chocolate cake you’ve been craving!).

7. What mental care will I give myself today? (This can be taking breaks, setting a boundary, journaling, or expressing a feeling).

8. What is my intuition telling me to focus on today?

9. What is my chosen state of being today? (You can return to this throughout the day as your brain will inevitably get distracted, triggered, and unfocused. This is the bridge back to attraction).

10. How do I choose to feel about myself today? (“I choose to feel strong, loved, and worthy.” “I choose to feel powerful, safe, and protected.” “I choose to feel provided for, guided, and supported.”).

The Power of Questions

Questions help your brain focus. They also provide stimuli for the frontal lobe, which looks for answers to these questions through your imagination and memories.

Because there are endless distractions out there, asking questions you can come back to throughout the day will help you stay in the state of being you want versus getting sucked into the stress and anxiety of the outer world.

The brain is a big interface and you have to give it instruction and direction so it can work better for you! You run the show!

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