3 Simple Actions To Improve Your Health in 30 Days

Improving your health is easier than you think. It takes a bit of attention, specificity, and a few simple habits. The easy part is making the choice to improve. The hard part is changing the neurological habits you’ve been nurturing for most of your life. What follows is not new or rocket science — it’sContinue reading “3 Simple Actions To Improve Your Health in 30 Days”

10 Effective Books for Self-Healing

I love a book list. If you’re here, I assume you do, too. Let’s dig right in and talk about some awesome self-empowerment books. Consider yourself blessed if you’ve already read or are familiar with these gems. They’ve been the most effective for understanding and truly changing my habits, beliefs, and thoughts. My mental health,Continue reading “10 Effective Books for Self-Healing”