Five Fun Ways to Use Tarot Cards for Daily Guidance

Tarot cards in a pile.
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I got into reading tarot cards when I went through a devastating heartbreak.

The cards were a way for me to connect with my inner wisdom and receive guidance and confirmation about what I was experiencing.

Tarot cards are not magical or scary —— they read energy.

The imagery on the cards provides our psyche with messages and information and allows us to gain perspective, wisdom, and clarity.

I love tarot because it helped me navigate the deep waters of grief.

And now, I love helping others find out what tarot can do for them.

A Snapshot History of Tarot Cards

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Here are some fun historical facts about the tarot:

  • It’s likely tarot came from tarocchi, an Italian card game that preceded tarot.
  • Tarot has been around since the fifteenth century (the 1400s) and was probably created in Northern Italy – AND! there is evidence that tarot was around even as early as 1377 when a German monk described some painted cards that worked as an allegorical journey of life and the soul.
  • Tarot cards have predominantly Christian themes and imagery – there are angels, the Devil, the 4 virtues (Strength, Temperance, Justice, Prudence), and a male and female Pope.
  • It’s possible tarot cards were often used to teach Christian beliefs to illiterate people. 
  • Tarot cards tell the story of the Fool’s Journey – from birth thru enlightenment.
  • Tarot is split into two sets of cards – Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards).
  • “Arcana” means “profound secret.”
  • The Major Arcana is the Fool’s Journey and the Minor Arcana talk about the everyday things people go through.
  • The word “occult” simply means “hidden knowledge.”
  • Over the centuries, the tarot has become saturated with meaning and has been used by many cultures throughout the world.
  • Tarot’s ability to adapt has made the cards a useful tool for anyone seeking answers, guidance, and meaning.
  • The Rider Waite decks are the most popular – named after A.E. Waite, who was a member of the freemason and occult society, The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • There is SO much to know about the cards in terms of meaning, imagery, and other cultural and religious connotations.

Pretty cool, right?

Here are Five Fun Ways to Use Tarot Cards for Daily Guidance

Person displaying a set of tarot cards.
Image courtesy of Cat Crawford on Unsplash

Choose your deck and give the cards a good shuffle.

As you shuffle, connect with the cards and ask them to reveal what you need to know.

Connect with your body and take a few steady breaths to realign and center yourself.

When the cards are ready to talk, choose one of the following ways to receive guidance:

1. Ask the cards for a theme to focus on.

What is the overall theme for your day?

Is it to feel better? Accomplish a task? Connect more with your intuition?

Ask the cards what theme will serve you today. This helps our brain’s reticular activating system know what is relevant and urgent to us.

If we don’t choose something for our brain to focus on, it will get lazy and fall back on habits to conserve energy.

A theme is powerful because it keeps your brain in check.

2. Ask the cards what element will serve you today.

Tarot cards have four ‘suits’: pentacles (earth), wands (fire), swords (air), and cups (water).

The Major Arcana cards (The Tower, The Fool) are also associated with an element, even if they do not illustrate it on the card.

There are tons of charts online you can download and print to show each element for each card.

When you pick a card, ask what element is more important or in alignment for you today.

If you draw a swords card or a major arcana with swords energy, you may want to watch your thoughts or finally have a tough conversation with a friend.

If you draw a water card, you may want to focus on your emotions or release something.

Tarot is fun because it’s interpretable and subjective. Your body will tell you what feels best when you look at the card.

3. Ask the cards what is ‘hidden.’

Is there something that feels off in your life?

Is there weird energy with someone or something?

The cards can help you figure it out if you are brave enough to heed their advice.

For this one, ask the cards what is ‘hidden’ or to reveal something you need to know that may be in the shadows.

If you get the 5 of swords, there could be a conflict brewing and this is confirmation for you.

If you get the 8 of cups, the cards are advising you to step away from an emotional experience that has ended.

If you get the Fool card, you are being advised to take a leap of faith even if you are terrified.

4. Ask the cards for imagery that will support your day.

I love this one because it can reveal a lot of details.

Pick a card and look at all the imagery and colors.

Tarot cards have a layered history — you could analyze and discuss them for hours!

What happens in your body when you look at the imagery? What sticks out to you?

There could be something in the card that shows up as you go through your day —— a bird, a flower, or a piece of fruit.

Look at the colors on the card and notice how they affect you. Is the card bright or dark? Are the colors vibrant or muted? How does that inform your emotions or choices today?

Is there a person on the card or not? An animal? What thoughts or feelings come up for you?

Give yourself a good 10 minutes to notice all the images. One of the best parts of doing tarot is the artwork.

5. Ask the cards to reveal a number or stage of growth to focus on.

Every tarot card in the major arcana is numbered from 0-22 and every minor arcana card (except for the pages, knights, kings, and queens) also has a number, like the Ace of Cups (1) and the 3 of swords (3).

The pages, knights, kings, and queens do not have numbers, but we can still use them for this one because they can represent a stage of growth we are in. These are called ‘Court cards.’

Pick a card and take note of either the number or the stage of growth.

If you get a number: go to Google and put in “numerology for” and then put in the number you got.

Numerology will tell you all about what that number represents. Take note if the number correlates to something in your life or can be helpful. You may see that number pop up everywhere as you go through your day.

If you get a stage of growth card like a page, knight, king, or queen, ponder the following questions:

  1. Am I embodying the essence of the person on this card?
  2. What can I learn about myself by this stage of growth card revealing itself to me?
  3. Am I being immature (page) or mature (king or queen)?
  4. Is there a message coming in that I need to know about (page or knight)?
  5. Is this card asking me to uplevel my skills, education, or knowledge of something (king or queen)?

Some things to keep in mind about the court cards:

Pages are messengers and can symbolize a new start, a new idea, a text or email, an apology, or a piece of news. Pages have childlike and innocent energy.

Knights are also messengers, but they have the energy of a teenager or young adult. They come and go and are quick with their messages, except the knight of pentacles who is detail-oriented and slow. Knights can reveal a time you need to slow down and look at all the information coming in. They can also reveal a visitor or travel.

Kings represent a mature male who has life experience. If you pull a king, it may be telling you to step it up or to have confidence in yourself to move forward and grow.

Queens represent a mature female who has life experience. If you pull a queen, it may be telling you to embody your femininity, passion, and power.

Tarot as a Tool

Tarot book and cards with crystals nearby.
Image courtesy of Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

Tarot is a powerful tool to connect with energy, intuition, our psyche, and our inner wisdom.

The great thing about tarot is its interpretability. There is a lot of information on each card that can help to clarify, verify, and clean up confusion in your life.

When I do readings for clients, the main feedback I hear is how on point it is and how much it confirms what people are already feeling.

Tarot saved my life. I do not type that lightly. It was a port in the storm when my storm was not passing. It was a comfort during some very dark days.

Do you want to book a tarot reading with me? Groovy! You can schedule one here.

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