The Five-Step Hands-on Process for Clearing Your Energy Field

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Every person on earth transmits and exchanges energy with other people.

There is no instance in which we are not affected by other people’s energies, the world at large, or the confines of our conditioning.

Every physical object vibrates and has an energetic field, and so do we.

When our field is crowded with outside people’s energy, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, we can start to feel irritated, agitated, and out of sync or balance. We can feel gross like we need to take a shower.

And speaking of showers, we take one to clean our physical bodies, but what can we turn to cleanse our energetic bodies?

We turn to our minds and our intuition.

Energy is a hot topic these days.

Remember about 15 years ago when gluten took center stage seemingly out of nowhere? No one had heard of gluten (except maybe in passing), but all of a sudden, all of us were obsessed and worried about how much of the stuff we had been consuming.

The same is true presently with energy and energy work.

It’s more common for people to talk openly about what doesn’t feel good to them energetically, but what most people don’t know is how to clear energy that doesn’t feel good.

Why do you think energy sticks around?

Because we allow it to.

Our egos are built to be conditioned and to learn. The ego is not bad or wrong but is displaying and communicating what it was taught.

The ego tells us stories based on memories, experiences, traumas, conditioning, social programming, and our environment.

Energy sticks around because the ego keeps telling a story about it. The ego likes to contextualize experiences so it can get stuck in cycles of thought that don’t feel good but may feel familiar and therefore, comfortable.

We must remember that people do not necessarily choose to suffer, but often fall back into habits of thinking because, for the brain, habits use less energy.

When we keep telling a story about the energy we are trying to get away from, we draw it closer to us.

Please understand that this is different from processing trauma or an experience healthily and productively. This is about never moving on from something and creating unnecessary suffering.

People tend to punish themselves, creating more shame and self-angst. And that energy just hangs out in their field, continuing the cycle.

Did you know this about energy?

There is good news about energy: you get to decide what stays in your field and what doesn’t.

You get to choose.

Energy cannot stick to you without your permission nor can it stay in your field if you command it to leave.

Energy has no will of its own — you get to tell it where to go.

If there is an energy in your field that feels yucky to you, you have a say so as to whether it sticks around.

Use these five steps to clear your energy field and return to yourself without struggle or resistance.

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This simple energy clearing meditation and ritual will help you feel better and give you a tool to turn to when you feel your field ripe with toxic or dis-resonant energy.

I recommended doing an energy clearing session a few times a day, especially if you live or share a common space with other people.

Step #1 – Find a quiet space.

A quiet space can be any place where you are away from other people’s energetic fields.

People have used closets, pantries, and even the garage. You don’t need a meditation room to clear energy — you just need to be alone and present.

Get comfortable — there is no right way or wrong way to sit, there is only what feels good to you.

Connect with the body and send your energy down into the earth and make a point to connect with your pelvic bowl. This includes the tush, hips, pelvis, sacrum, lower back, sex organs/genitalia, and lower belly or gut. All guidance comes from this part of the body, so make sure you connect to it more often when you have a problem or need divine help.

Do a quick body scan and notice what feels off or like it doesn’t belong to you.

The body is a conductor of energy and you can feel when something is not yours.

Step #2 – Take six slow and steady breaths in the nose and out the mouth to calm your brain circuits.

To deepen your presence, do the following breathing exercise to get completely relaxed.

Take six slow and steady breaths in the nose and out the mouth, like you are blowing out of a straw.

In his book Innercise, John Assaraf explains that taking these six breaths in the nose and out the mouth help to calm our brain circuits and ‘click’ us back into the responsive brain setting, which is when we feel our most connected and creative.

Imagine any stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or fear leaving your body as you exhale. Focus on how the breath feels going in and out.

Step #3 – Locate the energy that doesn’t feel good and be specific in your descriptions.

Now that you’re relaxed, present, and open, locate the energy that keeps coming up for you that doesn’t feel good.

What does it feel like and where in the body does it live and breathe? In the lower belly? In your shoulders? In your left hip? Maybe your head feels full or overloaded. Get specific.

Now, name the energy out loud and also give yourself a detailed description of where it lives in your body. Focus on that place or the essence of the energy.

Experience it without judgment and ask yourself if it’s your energy or someone else’s.

Does this energy feel good to you or fulfill a desire? If not, it’s time to let it go.

Energy doesn’t necessarily belong to us or anyone else — it passes through us and we experience it as a feeling, emotion, or sensation.

Always remember: emotions are ‘energy in motion.’

Step #4 – Command the energy away from your field and back to Source.

Now that you’ve named the energy and located it in the body, it’s time to command it to leave your field.

I use the word ‘command’ on purpose because it denotes a sense of power, authority, and self-assuredness.

You are in control of how you feel and what you allow in your field, with no exceptions.

Say the following phrase until you feel the energy leave your body and your field. It may take a minute or two for the energy to move and that’s okay.

Remember to consciously send the energy down into the earth so you stay connected to your body.

“This uncomfortable energy that lives in my lower belly is not mine and I release/command it back to Source.”

Repeat this as many times as you need until you feel better. If you pay attention, you can feel the energy leave your field.

How do you know if it worked? You’ll feel better, lighter, more ‘yourself,’ and deep relief.

Please note: If ‘Source’ doesn’t work for you, simply switch out what does. The point is to feel deeply connected to the process so you can feel better. If you need to use ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Jesus’ to release the energy, that works just as well.

Step #5 – Call back your energy.

Now that you’ve released the energy that doesn’t feel good, it’s time to call back your own.

After you command the yucky energy away from you, say the following to get re-centered:

“Whatever energy is mine, I call it back to me.”

If you want to combine both, you can try this:

“Whatever energy is not mine I return to Source, whatever energy is mine I call back to me.”

Repeat this as often as you need throughout the day to keep your field as clean and clear as possible. Our egos need to be reminded of what to focus on and repetition is a tool to retrain the ego.

A few closing thoughts on clearing energy.

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Clearing energy is not hard or complicated, but it does take focus and a willingness to feel better.

Many of us live in our heads and it is estimated we make up to 35,000 decisions a day, most of them automatic and unconscious.

A lot of what passes through our minds are not our thoughts, but energy we are picking up from other people.

Everyone is a conductor of energy and sensation.

You are allowed to feel good.

Our culture pushes success, accomplishment, and status, but if you are paying attention, you’ll notice most people are still unhappy after attaining these things.

How we feel solely depends on what is going on inside us and how we choose to feel and react. There is no exception to this.

Anytime you feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or not yourself, it’s time to clear your energy field.

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