You’re Not Chasing A Thing —— You’re Chasing A Feeling

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A few days ago over morning coffee, I opened up YouTube and clicked on an Abraham-Hicks video.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be familiar with Abraham-Hicks to relate to this article because I’m giving you the skinny on what was discussed.

All of us desire things and experiences. We all want fulfillment, happiness, love, and safety.

And life will always force us to ask for more because life is an ever-evolving and ever-changing experience.

It’s okay to want things. We live in a physical reality and it’s natural to desire connection to the physical world.

What some of us may be misunderstanding is why we want these things. Clearing up this confusion will help us manifest faster.

The Power of Thoughts

Think about something you deeply desire right now.

Hold it in your mind and notice what happens in your body when you think about receiving what you want.

You may notice the following:

  • A sense of relief
  • A feeling of excitement/curiosity/butterflies
  • A feeling of wholeness or completeness
  • A feeling of lightness
  • A release of resistance or heaviness
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Liberation
  • Contentment

The thing you desire creates a feeling in you — one that ignites momentum and forward movement.

Wanting a new job is a desire for fulfillment.

Wanting a baby is a desire for love.

Wanting more money is a desire for security.

Wanting a fast car is a desire for adoration or adventure.

Every ‘thing’ is about a feeling because feelings create experiences.

Understanding the Law of Attraction: Your Vibration Predicts Your Experience

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All of us desire things. It’s natural and normal.

But did you ever stop to think about why you desire those things? It’s okay if you don’t know the answer because I’m going to tell you.

All of us desire things and experiences because we believe we will feel better in the having of them. That’s why any of us desire anything — the promise of a reward.

People think they want the thing (the money) or the experience (the vacation), but what we are all desiring is a feeling or state of being.

Money creates a feeling of safety, and security, and gives you choices.

A vacation creates a feeling of freedom, expansion, and liberation, and allows you to learn about a new place.

The brain has two jobs: to keep you alive and keep you curious.

The promise of a reward creates a dopamine rush in the brain, sparking you to take action towards that reward.

Your experience is based on one thing: where you are placing your attention. That attention creates thoughts, which turn into an emotion based on the protein created and sent to our cells from the original thought.

Where you place attention (which creates thoughts and feelings) predicts your vibration or the energetic field created based on what you are thinking about or looking at. When we get our emotions involved in our daydreaming, it creates the signal we send out to the Universe or the quantum field of energy that creates worlds. You’ll know what signatures you’re sending out by what experiences are mirrored back to you.

The quantum field has no sense of humor and no opinion. If you sent out a negative signal (suffering, victimhood, low self-worth), it mirrors you and sends in more experiences for you to feel negative about. That’s how much it loves you — it denies you nothing.

Deep religious conditioning sets up a belief system that if we act like a ‘good girl’ or ‘good boy,’ we’ll get what we want. It’s a model based on other people’s perceptions about how the Universe works. If you’re a good person, this equals a good life.

But those of us paying attention know the truth: good people have ‘bad’ stuff happen to them. Why? Because their thinking is lazy and isn’t a top priority.

If you want something (more money, more love, more contentment), you have to create that inside yourself first. And you do that by getting a handle on your thoughts and the emotions associated with them.

Most of us are not in alignment when it comes to the thoughts we think and how that thought feels in our bodies. We can be thinking, “I want more money and I feel rich,” but if your body is not on board with that new belief, nothing will change.

To create more money flowing into your experience, you have to create that experience in your mind first and then get your body flowing with desire so it feels as though it has already happened.

The brain doesn’t know the difference between a real experience and one we create with our thoughts. Neural connections will still fire and wire together (Hebb’s Law) when we create an experience with our thoughts before it manifests as particles (or reality).

When the mind and body and in sync, you align with the quantum field and send out a new signal that will be mirrored back to you.

Our cells have memorized certain emotional cues we have sent them over time. Eventually, our cells become addicted to certain emotional signatures based on the thoughts we have been thinking. If we do not disrupt and change these emotional signatures, nothing in the reality will change because the body has been conditioned to keep expressing those same emotions.

Before we can manifest something new, we must change the emotions our cells have become addicted to. And we do that by changing where we place our attention. We do that by focusing on what we want (versus what we don’t).

Scientific Evidence that Thoughts Create Reality

The brain is the gateway to every feeling and experience. The love you feel for your kids or friends? It’s chemicals. That pull you feel towards a new adventure? It’s chemicals. That squishy feeling in your tummy when your crush talks to you? It’s chemicals.

Your entire life experience is produced by your brain. Whoa.

Whenever you have a thought, you create a chemical. That’s how powerful and awesome you are. And these chemicals are the building blocks of everything in your experience.

No one thinks in a vacuum. Every time you have a thought, there is a biochemical reaction in the brain — you make a chemical. And as you’ll learn, the brain then releases specific chemical signals to the body, where they act as messengers of the thought. When the body gets these chemical messages from the brain, it complies instantly by initiating a matching set of reactions directly in alignment with what the brain is thinking. Then the body immediately sends a confirming message back up to the brain that it’s now feeling exactly as the brain is thinking.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

The brain and the body are in the ultimate co-dependent relationship. Each is affected by the other. The body and the brain are so connected that we need to practice aligning both if we want real change in our lives.

As a meditation practitioner, you will always hear me tell my clients to place their attention on the body. This is because the body doesn’t lie.

As I said above, our cells memorize certain emotional signatures and then express those exclusively until you teach them something else.

If you grew up with constant trauma in your household, your cells have memorized trauma and have become addicted to it. Whenever you try to ‘overcome it,’ chances are it hasn’t worked. This is because you have to get into the subconscious mind and change those learned patterns so new emotional signatures are accepted by the cell and expressed (happiness, calm, contentment).

Focus on What You Want Versus What You Don’t Want

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The more we focus on something, the more of it we create.

Your body has memorized certain emotions based on all your years of repetitive thinking.

Those emotions are what’s tripping you up when you try to create something new.

To create new emotions, you have to think new thoughts, This facilitates new neural networks in the brain, which send different emotional signatures to your cells. As these new emotional signatures are accepted and then expressed by the cells, you are ‘thinking differently’ in your body, which creates the vibration you want to send out.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, that it’s a good idea to think about what we want?

Start doing this — become obsessed with it.

You’ve obsessed for a long time about things you don’t want. Why not switch it up and obsess about something you do want?

When you meditate, paint a full picture in your mind of the experience you want before it shows up. This is called ‘mental rehearsal’ and it’s a brain training technique.

When you think about your desires, remember to fill in the following details:

Where are you?

Who is with you?

What smells, sounds, tastes, or sights do you notice?

How does this new experience feel?

What thoughts are you thinking?

Get as specific as possible. Remember: the brain doesn’t know the difference between neural networks created by simply thinking about an experience and those created from a real experience. To the brain, it’s all the same.

So get excited about what you want and see and feel yourself already there. Make it as real as a past experience so the field can respond to you.

Remember this process:

A new thought = a new chemical = a new emotion felt by the body = a new state of being = a new, more coherent signal sent out to the quantum field = a new experience/reality.

Oh, and one more thing: don’t worry about the ‘how.’ If you take care of your thoughts and feelings, Universal intelligence will take care of the ‘how,’ which will surprise and delight you.

Remember: you’re trying to create new things and experiences, so they will ‘show up’ in a new way. This will be so much fun and you’ll be inspired to do it again and again.

What cool new things or experiences have you created with the Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques? How did it feel? Were you able to keep it going? What was your proudest manifestation moment?

I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. Amazing. Truly an incredible article!!! My favorite paragraph was this one…blew my mind: The quantum field has no sense of humor and no opinion. If you sent out a negative signal (suffering, victimhood, low self-worth), it mirrors you and sends in more experiences for you to feel negative about. That’s how much it loves you — it denies you nothing.

    Thank you, as always!

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