Are You Taking This Important Step Before Meditating and Manifesting?

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Meditating and manifesting will change your life, but there’s a catch.

Your mind and consciousness are potent attractors. So potent, they’ve created everything in your current reality.

Whether you are conscious or unconscious of your thinking, it’s sending out an electromagnetic signal that gets mirrored back to you.

You attract what you are — meaning, your state of being.

Your state of being is created by what you’re thinking about, talking about, and giving your attention to.

When you take time to meditate or manifest, you’re sending out an intention to connect and create. You’re focusing your energy in a specific way.

My question to you is, are you priming your mind beforehand?

What does it mean to prime your mind?

It means consciously reminding yourself that you:
🧠 Believe in the power of your mind and consciousness
💭 Believe in the power of your thoughts and emotions
🔌 Believe in the power of your personal electromagnetic field
🔮 Believe in the power of the Universe to hear your request and create what you desire

Establishing your trust in the process is half the work.

If you focus on attracting money but don’t really believe you have the power to do it, you’ll prove yourself right.

If you focus on how much you believe in the power of your mind, heart, and body, you’ll prove yourself right.

Everything acts as a placebo effect.

To demonstrate this principle, let’s look at a group of maids at a hotel who experienced the benefits of priming their minds before starting their duties.

A group of maids at a hotel participated in a study on the physical benefits of their job — cleaning rooms gave them tons of physical exercise.

Before the study, the maids performed exactly the same job without much awareness of its benefits. They cleaned, scrubbed, lifted, and vacuumed while their minds were focused somewhere else.

After entering the study, the maids were told how much exercise they were getting — which was a lot! This new knowledge of the benefits changed their consciousness and focused it more specifically.

The maids were told to go through their daily tasks with this new knowledge of how much exercise they were getting. They were told to reinforce the physical work with a mental awareness that it was changing their bodies and making them stronger.

Guess what happened?

The maids who consciously reminded themselves of the physical benefits they were receiving lost weight, added more muscle mass and were generally happier and upbeat.

These maids primed their minds and received even more benefits because of their awareness the process was working in their favor. Wow!

How to prime your mind for better results

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Before you meditate or manifest, say these 5 phrases silently to yourself or out loud:

“I believe in the power of my mind and consciousness.”

“I believe in the power of this process.”

“I believe in the power of my electromagnetic field.”

“I believe this practice is making a real difference in my body, mind, and life.”

“I believe in the power of my focus, attention, and personal energy field.”

This establishes trust in yourself and the Universe. It catapults your consciousness to the next level because you’ve set a powerful intention — the intention of change.

Now, your meditations and manifestations become personal, real, and part of you — you’ve claimed them and their power.

You’re telling your brain you want this change, which lowers resistance and creates coherence between your brain and heart.

The more you believe what you’re doing is working, the more it works! The more you establish trust in yourself, the more you get involved in your own healing. The more you know your own power, the more change you create.

Tools To Help You Meditate and Manifest

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Meditation and manifestation are daily practices.

Your brain is the world’s most powerful supercomputer and it needs to be programmed with the best stuff for your life to feel good.

Most of what we learned in childhood doesn’t work for us anymore. What used to keep us safe is most likely holding us back.

This is why you need great tools at your fingertips.

I’ve created a bunch of tools with you in mind:

  • Your 60-Day Manifestation Journal teaches you the science of transformation so you can create better (and more aligned!) circumstances for yourself
  • Guided Meditations for your heart and chakras will help clear energy you don’t like and re-establish your focus
  • Spoken Affirmations recordings help re-train your brain and consciousness to attract more positive circumstances into your life

Use these tools over and over to help you stay on track with your highest potential!

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