10 Visceral Questions for Self-Reflection

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Asking questions engages your frontal lobe.

When you ask a question, the frontal lobe scans your brain for relevant information to give you answers.

Asking powerful and pointed questions is a catalyst for change and aligned actions because it gets your brain focused on something different.

For the most part, your brain falls back on past events out of habit. This is because thinking in new ways takes an incredible amount of physiological energy — energy your brain needs to run your body’s basic functions.

But, there’s a flip side to this: the brain also loves novelty. It craves new experiences as much as it’s obsessed with keeping you safe.

So, when you want to gain new wisdom to make changes in your life, it all starts with asking the right questions.

Self-reflection can be scary because we know how to lie to ourselves better than anyone. We’ve got our number — we know all our vulnerabilities.

Self-reflection is less scary with you have some visceral questions to consider, especially around areas of your life you’re particularly passionate about.

Below, I share 10 visceral questions for self-reflection to get your frontal lobe focused on new ideas and perspectives.

1. What does wealth feel like to me?

2. What does making peace with my past feel like?

3. What does self-worth feel like to me?

4. What do I want to do that I’m not letting myself do?

5. What am I making myself do that I don’t want to be doing?

6. Who am I envious of and why? Do I desire what they have?

7. What parts of myself are screaming to be expressed but feel suffocated?

8. What does contentment feel like to me?

9. What does love feel like to me?

10. What does success feel like to me?

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