3 New Year’s Resolutions for 2023 You’ll Be Excited to Keep All Year

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It’s that time again!

The New Year brings up nostalgia, transformations, a chance to renew, and the effective power of rituals.

It also brings up New Year’s resolutions.

Let’s remember: resolutions are new and more aligned habits we want to create.

In linear time, the New Year represents a transition from the past to the future. This is helpful for our psyche because it allows us reflection.

With reflection, comes wisdom.

Let’s apply this wisdom to who we want to be in 2023.

We can ask ourselves:

Who do I want to be?

What do I want to create?

How do I want to feel in my mind, body, and soul?

What is truly important to me?

Below, I share 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2023 I know you’ll be excited to keep all year long.

These resolutions will help you be who you truly want to be.

Let’s get started.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Learn more about how your brain works.

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We misuse our brains most of the time.

The addictive loop of stress cycles depletes the brain (and the body) of creative energy.

Many of us experience scattered thinking, overthinking, anxiety, nervousness, brain fog, and being depleted of creative energy for activities we want to do.

Learning more about your brain, how it works, how you can best use it to create what you want, and what mental habits to look out for will help you live a more relaxed life.

Before learning more about the brain, I felt at the mercy of its programs.

Now, I have a toolbelt bursting with hands-on knowledge about what my brain is doing, why I’m feeling the way I am, and how to help myself. These tools work because I understand the science behind them.

If you want to improve your life, you have to learn more about the motherboard inside your head. It’s the key and solution to everything you want.

RESOLUTION ACTION STEP: Buy some brain books and read 10 pages a day for the whole year.

10 pages won’t overwhelm you and will solidify a new, positive habit — especially from your brain’s perspective.

Believe me, keeping this promise to yourself of reading 10 pages a day will spike your self-trust, self-confidence, and self-knowledge. You won’t want to break this habit.

p.s. If you would like the titles of the books that helped me, comment below with what you want to learn more about and I’ll reply 🙂

New Year’s Resolution #2: Let go of lack mentality.

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I heard a profound statement from Esther Hicks on abundance.

It went a little something like, “Most people want abundance, but then judge it when they see it.”

It’s likely everyone reading this blog has done this.

You pray to the Universe for some newfound cash, only to judge your cousin an hour later because she bought herself a new car.

You resisted your own abundance because no one can vibrate for you.

Feeling lack around any part of your life gets reflected back to you.

Lack is not just about money.

Complaining is lack.

Judgment (not to be confused with discernment) is lack.

Self-criticism? Lack.

Criticizing others? Lack.

Unworthiness? Lack.

Focusing on what doesn’t feel good? Lack.

Overplanning? Lack.

Lack. Lack. Lack. Lack. Lack!

This is how most folks (myself included) think and feel all day — regardless of what’s in their bank account.

Lack mentality is a state of being created over many years of unconscious thinking based on the past.

Your subconscious programs are running the show called your life — 95% of it to be exact.

Most people want more money, but feel guilty about receiving it. This feeling of guilt is stored in the subconscious mind and creates a state of being: I am unworthy.

From this vantage point, the brain focuses on everything to align with that belief because the brain and body want to be in sync.

Now, all you see is lack. Nothing is good enough.

This New Year’s, shine a flashlight on your thoughts and beliefs around abundance and lack.

RESOLUTION ACTION STEP: Choose an abundance mantra to repeat when feelings of lack, unworthiness, or poverty mindset take over.

Thoughts create chemicals, which signal our cells to express an emotion.

When you give your brain a new thought (like a mantra), you make new chemicals and signal the body in new ways.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Paint a mental picture of who you want to be.

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Did you know by age 35, 95% of our reactions and responses are memorized chemical cues?

Now, you do!

Who you think you are (your personality) is a set of chemical reactions, memorized over many years of repetition.

For most humans, our brains and body are living in the past.

We repeat the same neurological programs over and over, creating the same reality year after year.

Creating something new in your life requires being someone new.

You have to create a new set of neurological programs that match what you want.

This means thinking new thoughts that align with your goals, dreams, and visions for your future.

Next, repeat these thoughts and visions every day to train your body and mind to be ahead of the experience.

When you go through your day, notice how many of your thoughts are about something that happened in the past. I bet you’ll be amazed at how much you repeat the same chemistry over and over, sending the same emotional signature out to the quantum field.

RESOLUTION ACTION STEP: Decide who you want to be and use any free moment to emotionally connect with this version of yourself in your mind.

As you create this ideal self, get specific.

Ask yourself:

What does happiness look like to my ideal self?

What does success feel like to my ideal self?

What does alignment feel like to my ideal self?

Then, start living like your ideal self would live.

Break the neurological programs that no longer work for you. Create new ones. Be the person you have always dreamed of being — because you can!

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