Are You ‘Practicing Patience’ When It Comes to Manifesting? Try This Instead

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“Just be patient. It’s coming.”

We’ve all heard this, haven’t we?

And we all know it’s easier said than done.

When we want something to change in our lives, we know practicing some patience is required. After all, we have to give the energy time to move and allow the Universe to do some rearranging. That’s normal.

Patience is seen as virtuous, righteous, and humble, but many times, it feels terrible, stifling, and limited.

I have to tell you, I’ve had my fill of patience. I want to practice a different vibration for manifesting.

Every morning, I listen to a meditation and some mantras. I also watch an Abraham-Hicks video to prime my mind for what I want to focus on. I like a refresher on the manifestation techniques.

In a video a few mornings ago. the subject of patience came up.

A woman was telling Esther how she was practicing patience but was getting frustrated with the waiting. She wanted her life to change yesterday and patience wasn’t helping her mood.

Esther stopped her mid-sentence and asked, “Why are you practicing patience?”

The woman looked shocked. Wasn’t that what she was supposed to be doing?

Esther explained:

If you need patience, that means tolerating not being in the receptive mode.

You think, “I’ve asked for it and it is given but I’m not letting it in. And since I’m not letting it in, I have to be patient about not letting it in.”

Why be patient to not let it in? Why not just let it in?

Esther hicks

Whoa. So we don’t have to be patient?! What a relief!

But if we don’t practice patience, what vibration should we practice instead?

That’s easy: we want to practice acknowledgment.

When you plant a seed and are waiting for it to sprout, are you patient or are you knowledgeable?

Patience is not a positive emotion. Patience is putting up with something that doesn’t feel good. And if you’re working hard to develop patience, then you’re working in the wrong direction.

We don’t want you to be patient. We want you to be optimistic, feel eager, and feel good.

Stand in a place of yearning and practice sensing its existence even before your physical senses.

That’s not patience, that’s acknowledgement and knowledge.

Esther hicks

This makes sense.

When we plant a seed in the soil, we know something is happening even if we can’t see it yet. We have proof from many other seeds sprouting that this one will sprout too. We know some linear time must pass before we will see evidence of this underground process.

We wait in acknowledgment because we have no doubt something will grow. (Barring an ‘act of God’, obviously).

So why do we get bent out of shape when we try to manifest something? It’s the same process, isn’t it?

We ask (plant the seed) and it is given (the seed is accepted by the soil and starts its magical transformation).

Then, we have to get in the receptive mode — meaning, we need to relax and wait with anticipation, knowing something is right around the corner.

That’s the vibration we want to practice — the acknowledgment that something is coming.

Patience feels like we’re trying to be good little boys and girls, even though we are dying to run downstairs to see what Santa brought us. Patience feels like the opposite of knowingness. It feels like we are trying not to laugh in church.

Three Steps to Practicing Anticipation, Acknowledgment & Knowingness

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I don’t know about you, but practicing acknowledgment and knowingness feels a lot better than trying to be patient.

I think patience creates a lot more frustration than most people admit. Because it’s not nice to want what you want when you want it. We have to get over that.

With acknowledgment and knowingness, there is a sense of forward momentum and excitement we can create in our bodies and minds.

When we truly trust in a great outcome we don’t have to manipulate, we relax and let go.

We stand in the essence of receiving what we desire because we claim it before we see it.

How do we do this?

By understanding the power of our imagination and falling in love with the feeling of what we want.

When we think about the awesome new house or the increase in income we want to manifest, we create new thoughts, which create new chemicals our cells express.

When we create thoughts around eagerness, anticipation, and a knowingness of our desires coming to fruition sooner than we expect, we create a vibration that allows us to “see” them manifest faster.

Here are three steps to practicing anticipation, acknowledgment, and knowingness.

Use meditation to create a detailed picture of what the future event looks like.

Envision the entire picture of what is happening. Who is there? What are you wearing? Are you eating something? What are the sounds, smells, or tastes? What season is it?

Get very specific.

The frontal lobe of the brain awakens with new thoughts. It will pull from all other parts of the brain (memories, stored information, etc) to create a picture of the experience you want before it happens. This creates new neural networks that get reinforced each time you do the meditation.

Studies show we do not have to go through a real experience for our brain to be changed and new neural networks to be formed. We can think our brain into future experiences so our body creates a new state of being. Pretty cool, huh?

Remember to release the outcome itself to something bigger than yourself. I like to think of releasing it to the quantum field or my higher mind. Allow it to manifest in a way you don’t expect.

As you think about this future experience, allow your body to get involved.

Every time we think a thought, we make a chemical.

I learned this from Dr. Joe Dispenza and it’s been invaluable for me in understanding how manifestation works.

Essentially, the chemical we make is then sent to our cells and the cells comply by ‘expressing it’, meaning, we feel an emotion.

That emotion, when repeated by the churning of thoughts (either good-feeling or bad-feeling) creates a state of being — or the vibration we express to the quantum field, which mirrors us and sends information back.

A quick example is, if you have a stressful thought, you create a stress chemical. The more you stay in that cycle of thought, the more you send out that vibration or essence. As a result, the Universe sends in more things for you to feel stressed about. It denies you nothing, it loves you that much. With stress, the body responds quickly, and you can feel yourself getting more and more upset.

Knowing this, you can create a cycle of anticipation, acknowledgment, and knowingness in your body as you walk through your meditation. Feel how it would feel to be in the experience fully, without worrying or manipulating how it will happen.

During the day, notice negative or doubtful patterns of thought. Interrupt them with thoughts of anticipation, acknowledgment, and knowingness.

It’s normal to fall back into negative patterns of thoughts because our cells have memorized certain emotions — like stress, fear, and worry.

Don’t waste time scolding yourself, just interrupt it.

Think back to the images of the future event or thing you desire. Notice how quickly your body responds because of the new chemical you created. Get involved in the experience. Make it richer, brighter, and more real for yourself.

We waste a lot of time falling into unconscious thinking because no one gave us tools to change it or be aware of it.

Now, we have tools.

Repeat this every day and notice how the reality shifts for you.

I hope this is helpful when it comes to your manifesting.

I know being relieved of the pressure to practice patience felt great for me. I hope practicing anticipation, acknowledgment, and knowingness is helpful and feels freer.

Remember to keep getting the body involved. We must put ourselves in the experience we want and feel like the person we want to be. This is more powerful than most people realize.

Does patience feel stifling or challenging for you?

Are you thinking of releasing it?

I’d love to know in the comments!

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