The Law of Attraction: Here’s the Big Component You’ve Been Missing

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The Law of Attraction will change (or break) your life.

The laws of the universe govern all of us.

What you focus on gets bigger and what you think about most often shows up in your life. It’s truly that simple.

A lackful mindset breeds more lack. An abundant mindset breeds more abundance.

The Law of Attraction states the following: That which is like unto itself is drawn.

In short, this means that like energy attracts like energy. Simple enough, right?

If you’re focusing on abundance, love, peace, joy, and bliss, the universe “hears” that vibration and sends in more experience, people, and circumstances to support your belief system.

The more you focus on the feeling of what you desire, the more the universe creates it for you.

Here’s why this works: nothing can be created without focused attention on it. Everything in this universe is a reaction to a vibration.

Most of the thoughts we think come from a long history of outside conditioning, which creates our self-concept. (For more on self-concept work, visit here!).

Your self-concept determines how you see yourself in relation to the world around you. If you see yourself as rich, the universe must conform to that belief. If you see yourself as poor, the universe must conform to that belief. You are the decider because you are an energy being.

The piece of the Law of Attraction many people miss

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There’s another component to the Law of Attraction we rarely talk about.

Knowing this component will help you attract even more because now, you have awareness of it! The more aware you are of the support around you, the more you experience that support.

Everything is a placebo effect of your personal subconscious beliefs and your self-concept.

If the Law of Attraction states, “that which is like unto itself is drawn,” then something else has to be true.

Are you ready to know what it is?!

The Law of Attraction REPELS unlike energy as well!

If you are in a state of bliss, any opposite energy to bliss will be moved away from your field.

If you are in a state of love, any opposite energy to love will be moved away (or repelled!) from your field.

If you are in a state of solutions, any opposite energy will be moved away from your field!

That is how powerful you are! Just take that in!

You not only attract more of what you want, but you actually repel all you do not want or are not in vibration with! Cool!!

Take this and add it to your practice. Now that your conscious mind knows this important piece, your attraction skills will get even stronger!

Just think: while you focus on abundance today, you are repelling lack.

As you focus on solutions today, you are actively repelling problems.

As you focus on success today, you are repelling failure.

That is how powerful you are!

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