9 Ways to Include Those Wacky Monthly Holidays into Your Writing

Image courtesy of Marcin Dampc on Pexels

Each month, a host of fun and wacky holidays and observances grace our calendars, giving us gold for writing ideas, hooks, and headlines.

I love these silly celebrations because they observe everyday life and activities.

In other words, they’re relatable.

They also grab attention because of the brain’s constant search for novelty and newness.

This is good news for writers.

Find a few in your niche/industry and sprinkle these odd and interesting ‘holidays’ into your writing by:

  • Including a fun fact in your newsletter.
  • Using one as a hook or headline for social media, SMS alerts, or email marketing.
  • Interviewing a person in that industry for, say, Girl Scouts Day on March 12 and connecting it to your industry or mission.
  • Asking people to donate or become aware of an issue or cause.
  • Using a self-care approach to give folks new ideas or perspectives (World Sleep Day is March 17).
  • Including a P.S. in your emails as a selling reminder.
  • Writing a blog.
  • Adding one to a time-specific lead generation.
  • Using one in a sale or to drive sales/awareness.

The possibilities are endless!

Now, I know what you’re thinking — we can’t use these all the time and you’re right!

But you can use them intelligently to drive interest or as a tool for people to remember you. (“Oh! That’s the woman who shared the cool fact about popcorn for Popcorn Lover’s Day!).

Or! You could pick one a month and have that be a fun tidbit people start to look forward to.

You don’t even need to use them at all! Just look them over for ideas!

Our frontal lobe is a seeker of information. When you point the frontal lobe in a direction, it looks for answers.

Give your frontal lobe some inspiration!

If you need ideas for October, I like this list from Holiday Insights.


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