Are You A Health & Wellness Copywriter? Steal My Niche Chart!

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Are you a health & wellness copywriter?

Or a writer who writes about health topics?

Awesome. Hi. Nice to meet you 🙂

I’m sharing the niche chart (or cheat sheet as I call it) I made when I first started copywriting.

Why, exactly?

My intuition told me to and I’m not arguing with it. (I’m getting better at this).

But there’s another reason, too.

I’m hoping you’ll sign up for the Untitled Word Project Writers Community with me.

Untitled Word Project started waaaaay back in 2010 as a writing workshop series for writers and actors. I produced a 90-minute fundraising show at the theatre company I was working for.

Now, I’m expanding UWP as a writers community.

In this community, I will:

  • Share writing resources, wisdom, and experiences to help your writing journey and freelance business.
  • Share paid opportunities for writers and storytellers.
  • Reach out for potential help with my writing business to hire extra copywriters, editors, and storytellers.
  • Send you a bi-monthly blast with writing goodies, prompts, and anything valuable I’ve recently learned.
  • Offer writing training and workshops.
  • Share information on freelancing, publishing, and marketing to help your business.
  • Produce live events with original writing to showcase talent. (This is a future goal).

My desire is to build a community and add creative value to your life.

So, like any good marketer these days, I’m gonna ask for your email. Yes, I know. It’s shameless (or not), but I gotta do it.

But hey, you’re smart — you knew this was coming!

I also want to learn from you (really!) because this is a wild ride being a freelance writer and we can use all the support we can get. Am I right? (Maybe not, I’ve been wrong before!).

Anyhoo, join us below by entering your name and email in the form and I’ll send your chart via email.

FYI: It may take a few minutes for the email to show up. My emails usually end up in the Promotions folder, but also check your Spam. What a world we live in.

You can look for writing love from me on the 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month. Why? I just like Thursdays.

It’s my hope this niche chart will bring you ideas, help you reach out to new clients, and create a general hit of inspiration for blog posts, client work, or your own business. There are loads of possibilities in our wider niche of health & wellness writing.


There’s another freebie included with your niche chart. Print it out and keep it with you. I hope it’s beneficial for your personal & professional life.

Enter your info below to join Untitled Word Project Writers Community!

Are you are writer, copywriter, or marketer?

Do you believe in keeping your skills sharp, your brain curious, and your pen mighty?

Good, me too.

That’s why I hope you’ll sign up for Untitled Word Project Writers Community with me.

Bi-monthly, I’ll share a little tidbit I’ve learned as a writer, whether it’s technical, practical, or creative. I hope to bring value to your writing journey and want to learn from you as well (I really do)!

My goal is to form a deliciously creative community and I’d love you to join me.

When you sign up, you’ll receive my Health & Wellness Niche Chart as a thank you 🙂

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