Writers, Creators, and Freelancers: Here’s the Support You’re Craving

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Are you a writer, copywriter, creator, freelancer, or small business owner?

Hey there! Nice to meet you!

My name is Elizabeth and I’m here to support you.

As a creator, you have a lot on your plate. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of deadlines and schedules, sacrificing your self-care and sense of groundedness.

That’s where I come in.

I offer energetic, spiritual, and mindset support for writers, copywriters, creators, freelancers, small business owners, and entre/solopreneurs so you can thrive, shine, and create (and run) the business you want!

The best part? My services are fun, affordable, and science-backed.

Why I love supporting writers, creators, and freelancers

As a writer, creator, and freelancer myself, I know the ups and downs of running a creatively-based business.

Your biggest asset is not your clients, cash flow, or lead generation: it’s how you see yourself and what you believe about yourself.

Where you place your attention determines what gets activated in your life. What you truly believe about yourself is the basis for your decisions, likes/dislikes, habits, judgments, limitations, and what is created in your experience.

Most of us think we have a good self-image, but if your life and business are not looking or feeling good, we should talk.

To help you grow and thrive, I offer helpful resources, fun freebies, awesome digital products, and hands-on ways to work with me for deeper support.

All my products and services are designed specifically for you as a writer, creator, freelancer, and small business owner.

My support is tailor-made for creators and freelancers because I’m one of you and I have your back.

My products and services won’t break the bank or have you in a buyer’s remorse tailspin. Everything is priced to be accessible and affordable so you can enjoy value and peace of mind.

Why energetic, spiritual, and mindset work is crucial for your business or brand

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Everything is energy.

New clients, new business, new opportunities, and growth are all forms of energy.

What you believe about yourself (which is connected to what you believe about your business) comes true for you.

There’s lots of practical business advice out there. What’s missing is specific energetic, spiritual, and mindset support for creative business owners.

As a spiritual practitioner (sounds super fancy, right?), I’m here to fill this gap and offer you the support you need to feel better, claim your dreams, and become the creator and business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

Print out one of my freebies and hang it up by your work area for inspiration.

Purchase one of my guided meditations or spoken affirmations recordings to give you a mindset boost during the day.

Schedule a session with me to delve into a specific block or problem so you can clear it and move forward.

You can check out all the freebies, digital products, and support services here.

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